It’s WHAT’S in DNC e-mail – not WHO leaked the e-mail

5 01 2017







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9 01 2017

Do you have anything on the football leaks and money-laundering? Like a link to the documents? Boston Globe whose owner also owns Liverpool league and Red Socks is pushing Tillerson based on Boy Scouts. British football and Boy Scouts both full of pedophiles. State Dept. Position perfect for money-laundering and pedophile rings, as you have long noted. Boy Scouts is probably a bigger center of power than Masonic orders. Rumsfeld, Gates and Tillerson all tied in and even at the same camp in New Mexico.

9 01 2017

some UK entities in the press, blogs, etc. are sources for Part 1 of the Epstein series plus comments there.

Maybe some in Part 2, but most UK sources are in part 1. Some of those I would search in.

9 01 2017

Thanks. This was new from December I just found.

9 01 2017

I think the Black Sea eu articles are open to read. Most are subscription:
For me media part would be easiest but must pay and surely not reusable since French news never is.

9 01 2017

I find I can quote a paragraph or two with no complaints when I link to the original.
Alternative – give a short quote with your summary and link to an archived version of the page. The archive link will not change the url later. Many newsrooms re-arrange their archived pages after a year or so and then you have to scurry around to correct dead links.

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