“My ELF Weapon” Worth a Revisit

7 01 2017

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2013 –
‘My ELF Weapon’: More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons

Discussion that would have instantly caused anyone involved to be labeled a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’ even a few weeks ago has now made its way into the mainstream media.

Following reports that suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis had called police just weeks before the mass shooting in D.C. to claim he was the victim of gangstalking and a target of microwave energy weapons that left him hearing voices and unable to sleep, now reports are surfacing that the military contractor had carved “My ELF Weapon” and “Better off this way” into the stock of his shotgun prior to the shootings.

(more) http://truthstreammedia.com/2013/09/19/my-elf-weapon-more-proof-navy-yard-shooter-targeted-with-mind-control-weapons/

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7 01 2017

Zero Hedge – Airport Shooter Said He Was “Mind Controlled” By A U.S. Intelligence Agency

9 01 2017
Trowbridge H. Ford

Don;t forget that Mijaio Mijailovic was eLmed to assassinate Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh.apparently by the Mossad..

9 01 2017

Readers – see more on the SPOOKS page (top tabs on this blog).

11 01 2017

There’s info on Wheeler on this post comment by L.M.

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