Rothschild’s Economist Magazine Features #PizzaGate in Graphic for 2017 “Predictions”.

15 01 2017

Here is the graphic –

“The World in 2017”
. . . . . .       (you can mouse-over the website art to enlarge it)




Dr. Leuren Moret says, “There are real faces and people in the symbolism that you can see if enlarged.  “Death” symbolizes the Rothschild’s favorite poison for global genocide, and “The Star” with a comet in the center of the children’s faces on each star is none other than “pizzagate”.

A site with good information on pizzagate is look for the pizzagate threads full of very good information.
It’s a high quality citizen research blog.”




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15 01 2017

Dr. Leuren Moret adds “Also, there are small lights scattered around the background, and those are what pedo king George H.W. Bush referred to as a “1000 lights” which is a reference to pedophilia.”

15 01 2017
15 01 2017

In January thread had a big drop off in displayed visitor stats. Is interest really dropping in HALF? By all indicators the interest is greatly picking up.
Consider the massive measures by MSM to bury the story with their failed “fake news” campaign that backfired so spectacularly.
Consider the explosion of blogs and videos on the topic and the great amount of new information being uncovered daily.
Consider the effort made by G00gle to hide the topic from searches.

We took some screen grabs of the visit count – – –


Dec. 17 [1,540 visitors]

Dec. 28 [1,438 visitors]

Jan 5 [718 visitors]

Jan. 15 [834 visitors]

15 01 2017

LONDON — The Agnelli and Rothschild families will share control of The Economist after buying out Pearson’s 50 percent stake in the magazine, according to a person familiar with the sale negotiations.

17 06 2017
The Tower, The Tarot Card and the Grenfell Fire | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Tarot related – Rothschild’s Economist Magazine Features #PizzaGate in Graphic for 2017 “Predictions”. […]

7 08 2017

related –

Rothschild Leaks

24 12 2017

new – Trump admin. Commerce Secratary ties to Rothchilds (2nd half)

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