Doctors Without Ethics

18 01 2017

Zero Hedge reports there’s a big document dump from the CIA so we were rummaging.

The first paper we randomly pulled from the FOIA files on the CIA website had this scary paragraph (page 42). The rest of the 89 pages were all redacted.

So, is your doctor one of the torturers? One of the medical “advisors” for the torturers? On the staff of the CIA’s black sites torture department? As of now they remain unidentified and are presumably practicing their ethics on YOU.

Summary and Reflections of Chief of Medical Services on OMS Participation in the RDI Program [PDF]

  • RDI = rendition (kidnapping) detention interrogation (torture)
  • OMS = CIA’s Office of Medical Services

Medical Complicity in CIA Torture, Then and Now

“OMS personnel not only monitored torture sessions, but carried out “rectal rehydration” and “rectal feeding” of prisoners, which independent medical experts have described as “sexual assault masquerading as medical treatment.” The newly released documents demonstrate that the leadership of the Office of Medical Services condoned these practices, though there was a minimal attempt to discourage the worst abuses.”

– – a bunch of perverts – – no wonder with top government agencies run by a bunch of pedos! Not to mention The New York Times!




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19 01 2017

Washington Post – CIA documents expose internal agency feud over psychologists leading interrogation program

“Newly released CIA documents expose a bitter internal feud over the qualifications and ethics of two former military psychologists who pushed the agency to adopt interrogation methods widely condemned as torture.”

22 06 2017

NY Times – A lawsuit filed on behalf of former prisoners reveals new details about a program that used techniques widely viewed as torture.

9 08 2017

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