The Body Snatchers

27 01 2017

George Webb –




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28 01 2017


28 01 2017

George Webb series summary:
What they are doing, in a nutshell is re-creating North Africa wars in Haiti.

  • Put in CIA
  • Put in organ trafficking and pedo trafficking pipeline to US
  • Create political fracturing to divide country into 3s (idea is from Caesar)
  • Put in your own candidate – puppet
  • Control media (in Haiti it is cell phone monopoly Digicel)
  • Create debt with “micro loans”, cell phone billing to create organ selling
  • Build hospitals to facilitate organ smuggling pipeline
  • Call people dead by cholera but pull a switch – swap corpse (give to family in a “body bag”) steal the patient to harvest organs from
  • Sell debtors into slavery (prostitution, mines etc.)
  • Separate parents from kids by offering far away work then steal the kids
  • Use body bags to smuggle drugs and human organs to Duke Univ. and other “medical centers”.
  • Blame mutilated corpses on magic, satanism etc.
  • Promote satanism with mid-level spies etc. to keep the story going

DynCorp facilitates all this.


28 01 2017

Dr. Leuren Moret adds this,
“The N. Africa/Haiti plan will soon be exercised in the US, if not already happening. I know the Native Americans have told me they are finding dead Indians dumped out of cars etc. in remote areas of their reservations. The organs were missing. I believe this is happening at Pine Ridge. The FBI was notified, but they are probably just involved with the coverup, as usual.

This has also been reported in Palestine, and the organ harvesting ring was a bunch of east coast “rabbis” who call themselves that but they are a criminal gang. Medical tours to S. America are for organ transplants and those “rabbies” were providing organs to S. America.

This also happened on the battlefields in Ukraine following the coup. Dead people missing organs were buried all over the battlefields. The eastern Ukrainian oligarch Kolimoisky, had an organ harvesting racket, and got the Nazi gangs to kidnap citizens, bring them to the battlefields WITH THEIR MEDICAL RECORDS, harvest their organs while a mobile organ vehicle stood by, and transported the organs quickly to a waiting plane to fly them out. Kolomoisky owned the airline too. When the Novorussia Cossack militia fighters started going into the Ukrainian army camps after battles were over, they found LISTS of people to kidnap AND their medical records. The citizens on the lists sometimes were targeted by oligarchs as threats to their money making schemes, or had some resentment against citizens who got in their way. Kolomoisky even had another Jewish businessman he was rivals with – picked up and harvested!!! That really went down badly with Kolomoisky’s Jewish community. “


28 01 2017
Leuren Moret

Obama’s VP, Biden, had covert holdings/interest (bribes) in the oil and gas exploration in eastern Ukraine also that was being secretly conducted by Royal Dutch Shell in the mineral rich zones where the Ukrainian army was camped, The Ukrainian oligarch Kolimoisky put Biden’s son (who recently died after serving in DU contaminated Iraq) on the Board of Directors of Kolomoisky’s bank involved in the Royal Dutch Shell project. That land belonged to the Cossacks, who had been given it by Catherine the Great for winning the 100 Year War in the Caucussus for Russia, as well as another shorter war. Potemkin built the villages for Catherine that the Cossacks are still living in and fighting for, and fighting against fracking and exploration on their traditional lands. They don’t want their water contaminated. Leuren

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31 01 2017


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