Opinion: The FBI Harrasses Bloggers and Journalists But Gives a Free Pass to Treason and Graft at The Clinton Foundation

3 02 2017


The InterceptThe FBI’s Secret Rules

President Trump has inherited a vast domestic intelligence agency with extraordinary secret powers. A cache of documents offers a rare window into the FBI’s quiet expansion since 9/11.

The documents include all kinds of big leeway in going after journalists, spying on people who are not criminals and screwing with bloggers. While the secretive FBI does all this they let Hillary and Bill Clinton pocket hundreds of billions of dollars in graft handed over by some of the world’s worst despots.

111verticalCashForeign-policy-for-sale and sloppy top-secret information handling with Hillary’s official State Dept. e-mail run through an illegal, unsecure Jerry-rigged server hidden in a bathroom in her unsecure home in New York get yawns from the FBI.

This no-budget blog has documented CF ties to heinous crimes like organ harvesting and child snatching and murder of investigators and whistle-blowers as well as bribe taking…

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