Fukushima Unit 5 Blowing a Gasket (CCTV Video)

7 02 2017

Wheeping Willow –

[ no embed – sorry ]

LINK –  https://youtu.be/zU6SFu9-ZCM




5 responses

8 02 2017

8 02 2017
A Green Road Project

Isn’t this number 1, not 5?

8 02 2017

#1 is at the 11 min. mark … looks like she knows one from another.
Another reader said they think that steam at the first part of the vid is from water sprayed on a hot spot.

9 02 2017

rad levels probably 10x the amount reported –

We aren’t making a post of this because we’re sure they will be forced to give a real rad number way higher than 10x soon.
They could only be silent so long about Chernobyl before the world found out. Same happening to Japan now.

9 02 2017

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