Orovilles Dam’s Dirty Secret – The Operators of the Dam are Also the Inspectors of the Dam

15 02 2017


LINK –  http://youtu.be/2XcqqfHtarE

Dr. Leuren Moret says, “The water is definitely not down 50′ like the media reported, probably not even 2′.  This is interesting – the dam is run by and inspected by the same agency. 

The Feds have just ordered them to have a complete analysis of the dam before and after this disaster – by completely independent experts.  This definitely never should have happened.  The naked berm for the emergency spill is just insane and that was apparent in 2005.


7 Day Water-Elevation-at-Oroville-Dam CHART – you can customize this chart


Look at visual evidence, photos and film for the water level – like this fellow says:

LINK –  https://youtu.be/SfwZUbKjgy0

CNBC – Cracks may offer clues to California dam’s troubles

“Last August, a team of inspectors did not check the channel on foot but instead from afar, also concluding that everything looked fine.”

Alt. Link –  http://archive.is/49ihZ#selection-2097.0-2097.51

If the dam breaks “the wall of water will reach Sacramento in half an hour” (!!)

LINK –  http://youtu.be/lLHFMLatmds









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15 02 2017

15 02 2017

Feb. 14 – The Daily Mail [UK] Engineers are LOSING the battle to lower water behind California’s crumbling dam by 50 ft before new storm hits on Wednesday – after admitting the waters have only dropped 11 ft in 24 hours


15 02 2017

Oroville Dam Crisis: If 40% More Flow than Feb13
[use high resolution option for this vid]

15 02 2017

15 02 2017
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Dependence on government is a free choice. As long as you are willing to be controlled by a Police State.

Say, hows that Federal Education Dept. SWAT team doing? Are they competing against the well armed DEQ? Why do you need to arm a Chemist with their own Tactical Police FORCE?

Taxes paid for it. Lack of TAXES will dry up a big chunk of it…
But it needs to be bloody. They have a good thing going and they will not give up power with out BLOOD.

15 02 2017

all views welcome here … have at it!

15 02 2017

There is a quarry not far from the dam where they do blasting.

Dr. Leuren Moret says, “It looks to me like the earthquake popped some of the cement tiles up on the spillway in a straight line from the quarry to the spillway where it was first damaged, and that seemed to be in a straight line nearly perpendicular to the spillway.

Earthquake waves are made up of a compression (P) wave (compression expansion), and a sheer (S) wave that moves perpindicular to the direction the wave is travelling. Body waves travel through the earth, and surface waves travel on the surface. In addition to S and P waves there are also Rayleigh waves. They are called ground roll, or surface waves that travel as ripples with motions that are similar to those of waves on the surface of water. There are also Love waves that are horizontally polarized shear waves (SH waves).
But whether body or ground waves, they are all called seismic waves.”



16 02 2017

Satellite image shows Oroville Dam spillway before and after the break

16 02 2017

Oroville Dam’s flood-control manual hasn’t been updated for half a century

16 02 2017

Over Half of California’s 1,585 dams have a high-hazard potential

16 02 2017
Dam Disaster Averted (or derailed) in California | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] have been following the Oroville dam drama out in California an have been watching what happens with the rain today and expected in the next […]

19 02 2017
Oroville Dam: Artificial Loading of the Watershed Up North to Flood the Reservoir | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Orovilles Dam's Dirty Secret – The Operators of the Dam are Also the Inspectors of the Dam […]

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