Dam Disaster Averted (or derailed) in California

16 02 2017

We have been following the Oroville dam drama out in California an have been watching what happens with the rain today and expected in the next few days.

LINK – http://youtu.be/CgBW09wd5so

We had reported on strange things about this event. They did quarry blasting fairly near the dam that may have caused the spillway defect. Dr. Leuren Moret had said this may not be an ordinary accident but it may have had some “help” from California officials. That idea had lots of traction and many on the web were adding similar observations and crowd-sourcing a citizens’ investigation that continues.

Dr. Moret thinks that quick action and skepticism by the public on this possible false flag may have nipped a weather modification plan in the bud.

“There was supposed to be rain starting last night and for 3 days, then by yesterday afternoon (Wed.) it was only last night and tomorrow, then this morning there was none last night or today. Tomorrow? That phone call stopped it and since there was a greater panic in Sacramento Capitol to send all the people back yesterday, so the call MUST have come from the Gov’s office to stop the storm and get the people home.

They are planning to do these dam collapses all over Calif. but now too many people watched the TV and internet coverage and they will be very wary and scream out when the Capitol tries to pull another one – then that depopulation agenda becomes impossible to do, and its really to steal the farmland.

They are NOT going to blow the Oroville dam any time soon. That is a sure thing for Brown politically.


“These are two bulletins from the CA Water agency about weather modification experiments in CA out of UC Davis, one is 1957 under Gov. Goodwin Knight, ca_weathermodmapand the second in 1965 under Gov. Edmund Brown, and in 1965 UCD Chancellor Emil Mrak was working at a secret Navy facility in the White Mtns. where the Navy had a spiderweb of NWO programs going on (some underground) – so weather modif. in CA would have been one and Mrak was a founder of food science – so he was involved at that secret Navy facility – in processed/GMO food development and Monsanto linked as well. He was also setting up the World food security, and we now have a new huge World Food Institute on the UCD campus with other NWO buildings/projects in one corner of the campus.

Both of the bulletins are about weather modification experiments (had to be US Navy/HAARP) in Calif., where, how, when. This ties Edmund Brown to development of HAARP/Weather modification in Calif., and now Jerry Brown to the execution of those technologies to take down Calif. so Rothschilds/Getty’s could steal the agricultural land. Gavin Newsom, a Getty heir, is due to be the next Gov. of Calif, so they are lining up the NWO in the capitol.

Over 50% of the CA dams/reservoirs are in dangerous condition.

It all fits together.

We had no rain last night. A phone call made that storm disappear after the evacuation, and I think that evacuation wrecked Brown’s plan to destroy Oroville dam with HAARP weather. We also helped inform the public about the false flag, and so they had to step back… too many people were catching on.”


1957 REPORT – Weather Modification Operations in California by flyingcuttlefish on Scribd



1965 REPORT – Modification Operations in California by flyingcuttlefish on Scribd


[Documents contributed by Leuren Moret and D.H.]

Dr. Leuren Moret adds, “On page 4 of the 1957 weather modification bulletin, there is a list of the very first licensees – eye opener. Very very interesting to see who got in on it first – probably mostly CIA.

That is the beginning list of founding fathers of the “weather modification gold rush” in Calif.

1957 Calif. Gov. Goodwin Knight
(Born in Provo, Utah, Mormon-Jesuit link, father was wealthy mining engineer)

1965 Gov. Edwin “Pat” Brown
(Born San Francisco, Irish Catholic-Jesuit link/German, Gov. of California started California State Water Project and built Oroville Dam) “

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Brown   – 



20170205-1715hrs-bay-area-weather |  20170209-0930hrs-bay-area-weather |  20170213-more-rain-on-the-way-for-the-western-u-s-this-week-which-will-continue-to-cause-more-flooding-concerns-in-many-areas-c4jhejzxaaaoxlo |20170214-2145hrs-west-coast-weather


—   20170216-1445hrs-oroville-ca   |  20170216-1500hrs-oroville-ca20170216-prolific-winter-snow-pack







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16 02 2017

16 02 2017

17 02 2017

17 02 2017
17 02 2017

New worry for Oroville Dam: a storm next week that could dump a lot of rain

Leuren Moret adds
“This is the first story at the top of the LA Times today. That ll.3″ is only the water falling over the lake – does not include snowmelt, new snow, and runoff in a huge water shed.”

“11.3 ” rain in 5 days – that’s a whole years rain in Calif. “

18 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

Watch “Another CA Dam in flood danger! | “Don Pedro” Near Maximum! | 1997 ALL over again” on YouTube

18 02 2017

aggg – WordPress hijacked yr comment!

18 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

More California dams are nearly overtopping.
Watch “**Rivers RISE** | Sacramento Valley beginning to flood! | May rival 1997 flood!” on YouTube

He references the Colorado, Nevada River Flood Center in his video.
CNRFC Mobile Home

19 02 2017

Feb. 19 UPDATE-
Leuren Moret says, ” It is very obvious that the emergency spillway is in dire shape, because the backcutting has already made it really to the cement dam wall – its just maybe 20′-50′ away. It is also obvious that what they did do to try to stop the erosion has had little effect, and may have added to the back cutting. The whole area from the cement dam wall to the river below is compromised and just waiting for the water to eat into it even more.

The dam is going to fail, because the weather and the response has all been engineered to fail. Dams/reservoirs all over Calif. are in danger now because they are just going to keep throwing huge storms at Calif. until they have destroyed much of the agriculture and infrastructure. The levees are even more vulnerable to flooding damage. I told all my friends to evacuate around the Sacramento/Davis area, and one friend in LA. The best thing to do in such uncertainty is to get out of the way no matter what. And get out early. ”


19 02 2017
Oroville Dam: Artificial Loading of the Watershed Up North to Flood the Reservoir | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] PART 2 of Dam Disaster Averted (or derailed) in California […]

19 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

Reevacuation to Merced, California?
Watch “Oroville dam new information 02/19/2017” on YouTube

20 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

Comment missing!

20 02 2017

I found it — but I have that YT posted in the Monday news post comments. It’s a good vid.
I will post that vid over on the Bugle too.

21 02 2017
Oroville Dam – Comparing Recent Weather Maps | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Oroville Dam: Artificial Loading of the Watershed Up North to Flood the Reservoir AND – Dam Disaster Averted (or derailed) in California – – – by Leuren […]

21 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

I was watching a video by BPearthwatch about the output of 9 dams being reduced in order decrease the amount of water flowing into Lake Oroville. These 9 dams are nearing full capacity. In his video he showed the live Oroville dam CAM and explained how to find the CAM at parks.ca.gov. <——–this line was in the subject field.
Oroville live CAM fore mobile devices.
I watch the mobile CAM above. Here is the CAM page with the Oroville dam CAM if you have problems viewing the Oroville CAM.
Lake Oroville SRA

22 02 2017
Atmospheric HAARP River Switches to “OFF” Over Oroville | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…]  ◊ PART 2– Dam Disaster Averted (or derailed) in California […]

22 02 2017

lots on the FC blog

24 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

School closings and evacuation centers for the Oroville community on 02.24.17.
Watch “Oroville dam spillway failure 2/23/17 UPDATED part 2” on YouTube

24 02 2017

on the Oroville updates page I just add the video of the town hall meeting….
SHOCK news in there!
Must see!

send that vid all around

[Wordpress is hijacking ALL you comments and trashing them! Just notify me to fish them out…]

25 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

Lake Oraville during the drought years. I’ve seen a Youtube video about “old train tunnels” used during dam construction days being exposed by the drought.
Watch “What the bottom of Lake Oroville Dam looks like.” on YouTube

25 02 2017

just added to the bottom of Fri. news post the story about people thinking gold veins have also been revealed in the eroded rivebanks….

25 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

In your disaster made to happen theme, I’ve seen two videos pointing out that there was no rebar present in the damaged spillway concrete.

26 02 2017

Plus the whole thing is dirt… plus clear cutting up above makes for flooding all the time (water runs off)…
poor planning A to Z.
And all the natural resources given away to Rothchilds (they own the timber companies).
The timber companies and agri-biz decide the water policy.

13 04 2017
Jesuit Jerry Brown Blocks More Oroville Dam Records from Public Review | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Jerry, who’s the terrurist? Would that be you and your Jesuit cabal running California into the ground and leaving the bits left to the police […]

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