AP Exclusive: If California dam failed, people likely stuck

17 02 2017

Many inches of rain coming.



[SELECT “Shasta” for the Basin area in the grey box.
Oroville dam is at the vary bottom right corner of the map.]


AGR Daily 60 Second News Bites

“You know what the evacuation plan is? ‘Get the hell out of town!'” said Kevin Zeitler, a critic of the state water agency’s interactions with communities downstream of the dam.
The state informed federal dam regulators that local emergency officials “do not believe there is enough time to perform evacuations in the communities immediately downstream of the dam during a sudden failure,” according to a Feb. 8, 2011, letter reviewed by The Associated Press.
Absent “significant” advance warning, emergency responders instead would likely withdraw to safer ground and prepare for victims, said the same letter by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which oversees safety of hydroelectric dams, in a summary of the state’s conclusions.

via AP Exclusive: If California dam failed, people likely stuck – SFGate

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17 02 2017

17 02 2017

Simulation Shows Oroville Dam Spillway Failure

“…a computer simulation by UC Santa Cruz research geophysicist Steven Ward shows flood waters would hit highway 70 in about 30 minutes. ”

computer simulation –
item #3 here-

17 02 2017

WATER LEVEL IS UP – not down – at the dam

Satellite images show increase over time of water levels at Oroville Dam as HEAVY rains expected to hit the area revitalizing fears of an overflow


17 02 2017

drone footage today

17 02 2017

19 02 2017

White water = clear running water
Brown water = heavy erosion of ground mixing in

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