Trump to Jerry Brown: Go Eff Yourself!

20 02 2017

BREAKING: Trump Just Told California’s Governor To Go F*ck Himself Right To His Face






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20 02 2017

20 02 2017

20 02 2017

I’d like to know how much California pays into Federal Tax – I bet a lot. Alone they are one of the biggest economies in the world. And, I’m sure not much comes back. Since Reagan a lot of things have been dumped back on the states. People pay the Fed tax for what? Not roads or bridges. Didn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger bankrupt California? News flash – Trump is owned by Israeli extremists via the $20 million plus from Sheldon Adelson and possibly his son-in-law. Adelson has a newspaper that supports the Israeli PM. Putin’s kingmaker Roman Abramovich has recently bought property in Israel too. The Palestinians – who include Christians – are in for it. It is important to recall that some Jewish people oppose Israeli and not all are pro-settlement on Palestinian territory, but Adelson is.

20 02 2017

I think plenty comes back thru military bases, military intel HQs, secret military labs, nue labs, weapons labs all centered in CA.
The ratio of give/get to DC by states has lots to do with mil. – I recall politicians in NY always griping about more to DC than getting as NY has very few military installations compared to southern states and the west.
Jerry Brown took the 25 billion a year gift from DC to keep up dams and spent it on other things.
That’s why he’s been hiding since this dam topped off.

21 02 2017

I hadn’t thought about that being counted as transfers. It seems to me that Bush and Schwarzenegger are the main culprits: Brown’s only been back in since 2011 though he should have had someone check since then. But, the warning came under Bush and Schwarzenegger. So, no oversight by Bush and corruption by Schwarzenegger, followed by incompetence or corruption by Brown administration.

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