Atmospheric HAARP River Switches to “OFF” Over Oroville

22 02 2017

Leuren Moret: “They turned HAARP off today – almost no rain until the weekend. Jerry got his money from the Feds, and the state is wrecked, but not too wrecked to continue to bleed.”






The State of California map of “Current Reservoir Conditions”, indicates that on Feb. 20, 2017, 3 dams were nearly full, and over their historic capacities by large amounts: lake Oroville (80% full/116% above historic levels), lake Shasta (91%/127%), and San Pedro reservoir (98%/139%).  More than 53% of California’s dams and reservoirs were reported to be in bad condition before this catastrophic rainy season started. This map indicates statewide that all of the reservoirs are now full.
Source: Dept. of Water Resources, California Data Exchange Center (CDEC)
This is an EARTH image from (GFS/NCEP/US National Weather Service) data, of wind at the surface and the next 3 hour precipitation accumulation on Feb. 17, 2017, 23:00 PST.  Three moisture streams are seen on this map of the United States, and the two moisture streams on the left side of the map originate in the Pacific Ocean. 

The moisture stream in the center appears to be on a trajectory from the southwest towards the northeast crossing over the Central Valley of California.  It intersects at 90 degrees, a larger but shorter weather front trajectory traveling from the southeast to the northwest.  The larger weather front appears to have been widened and shaped to fit the Central Valley, then directed north through the valley of California. The intersection of the two weather fronts increased the moisture load and the windspeed that concentrated over the region of Oroville dam as reflected in the rainfall map. 

As the trajectory traveled north of Oroville, it was intercepted by a weather front traveling east (off of the Pacific), that clocked it to the east leaving a semi-circle.  The targeted intersection of the two trajectories over Oroville dam, resulted in the highest total precipitation in the region, at the headwaters of the Oroville watershed on Feb. 17-18.


This chart represents the Lake Oroville water storage levels for the water year Oct. 1, 2016 – Sept. 30, 2017.
Note that water storage was declining from Oct. 1, 2015 into early Dec. 2015.  A sudden exponential increase in water storage levels continued from early December into February, threatening to cause a total Oroville dam failure statewide catastrophe, not only at Oroville dam but across the state.

The normal historic water storage (soft green) pattern in the background indicates that the rainfall pattern since Dec. 2016 is not only offscale, but also unprecedented.  No dams in the the United States were designed to withstand such bizarre weather patterns, nor physical forces caused by unprecedented exponential rainfall patterns.

This is very strong evidence of a HAARP driven event.   
— Leuren Moret

Source: OroVille Dam” 11 Secrets They Are Not Telling You. PLUS Video Footage Exclusive (February 14, 2017) YouTube –




On Feb. 10, 2017, the two largest dams in California and a third dam were at, or nearly maximum capacity, and nearly 50% above historic levels: Oroville dam (100%/149%), Shasta Dam (96%/138%), Don Pedro (97%/140%). 
Just one week later, on Feb. 18, Oroville dam had been overfilled, and both the spillway and emergency spillway had been badly damaged so severely, that backcutting by large water releases had caused so much erosion close to the dam that it severely endangered the integrity of the dam.  The Shasta and Don Pedro dam were also in danger but not as damaged as Oroville dam.  The lowering of the water levels in all three dams reduced the danger of further erosion due to overflows: Oroville dam (81%/118%), Shasta Dam (90%/126%), Don Pedro (97%/139%).  However, the dams were still threatened by at least three more storms on the way. 

Nearly all the dams on this map are now full, and many are damaged before the recent storms. 

Many of these dams were built in the 1960’s when Governor Edmund “Pat” Brown introduced the State Water Project (SWP) and California Aqueduct, creating a new agriculture infrastructure for farmers in California.  Unfortunately the 1500 dams in California have not been maintained, despite the present Gov. Jerry Brown, son of Pat Brown, has received $25 billion a year during his two terms to upgrade and maintain the dams.  Brown said he “spent it on the migrants”.


Where did all this weather engineering come from, now that there is evidence that many of these recent “natural disasters” have been engineered and manipulated by the Pentagon as well as private corporations. 

It turns out that two Calif. water agency bulletins published in 1957 and 1965 reveal that two governors of Calif. were involved.  Weather engineering began in Calif. in 1951, under Governor Goodwin Knight, a Mormon from a wealthy mining family in Utah.  The second bulletin came out in 1965, during the Governorship of Pat Brown.  Both Governors had close ties to the Jesuits.  The Mormons were created by the Jesuits, and Irish American Governor Brown had ties to the Jesuits through the Catholic Church.  The Jesuits represent the NWO, and are architects of food modification (Monsanto, GMO, Nestle, Archer Daniel Midlands, and Cargill), they control the CIA, and the Pentagon, the uranium business, intelligence, international trade, shipping, communications, the Red Cross, 10% of Congress are Jesuit linked, all of Obama’s intel chiefs and and the CIA were/are Jesuit linked.  Weather modification is also of interest to them. 


The question now is whether or not the weather patterns and modification observed in California since early December 2016 was man-made.  The answer can be found by establishing the scientific patterns of natural events, and comparing them to the patterns of events that seem questionable, unprecedented, and off-scale. 
Below is a graph of the Oroville dam historical average – total reservoir capacity for 1989-2017, a period of 28 years. 
Source: OroVille Dam” 11 Secrets They Are Not Telling You. PLUS Video Footage Exclusive (February 14, 2017) YouTube –

During that period of nearly 30 years, the reservoir capacity varied depending on climate changes, but the overall yearly pattern for variations in monthly weather are very similar, with the exception of water year 2017. 

Not only does the present water year seem questionable, it is unprecedented, off-scale, and violates the scientific constraints of meteorology.  It is another example of “how to wreck the environment” a chapter in a 1968 book called UNLESS PEACE COMES, edited by Nigel Calder, a science publisher.  Here is the chapter written by Gordon MacDonald, the geophysicist who developed the tectonic warfare and weather modification applications for HAARP.  Please read this chapter, it will change your life and perception of HAARP:


“How to Wreck the Environment”, Gordon MacDonald (1968)          

The Federal Govt. has given Gov. Jerry Brown $25 billion a year for the upgrading and repair of California’s dams and reservoirs.  Where did that money go?  Governor Brown said he spent it on migrants.  I don’t believe him.  They don’t look any better off than they did before he spent $175 billion on them in 7 years.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

SEE ALSOOroville Dam – Comparing Recent Weather Maps



CBS Latest storm gone but Northern California flooding fears grow as dams overflow

Sacramento Bee A pause in storms, but flood risks persist in California

” . . . the next storm will strike the valley on Saturday. It’s likely to be lighter than Monday’s, with less than an inch of rain falling in the Sacramento area.
Still, any rain that falls on the saturated soils could cause problems.

They expect rain and snow this weekend.

We will add anything new here. Add-ons will go into COMMENTS here. – FC

This is PART 3 of Leuren Moret’s series on Feb. HAARP storm over California


◊ PART 1  Oroville Dam: Artificial Loading of the Watershed Up North to Flood the Reservoir

 ◊ PART 2 Dam Disaster Averted (or derailed) in California







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22 02 2017

This rain stoppage was predicted by Leuren Moret a few days ago –

22 02 2017

199 mph Winds Sierra Nevada, California at Critical Level With Evacuations, Lake Tahoe Avalanche Buries Hwy Plus Major Flooding Around the Globe! (Videos)

22 02 2017

22 02 2017

22 02 2017
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24 02 2017
THE ONGOING NUCLEAR WAR AGAINST THE US: the rain factory making our weather | flying cuttlefish picayune

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26 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

Paul, from Agenda 21, used to live farther north of the Oroville dam. He knows about the June snow melt and, of course, the Spring rains. He says that all of this runoff refills Lake Oroville. However, the lake is already filled to capacity. He talks about the spillway on the side of the dam eating too much of earthen dam. I’ve seen video where the earthen abutments to the dam have been wash away followed by dam failer. He also talks about the coward, Jerry Brown. Remember the 9 dams at capacity, north of the Oroville dam, holding high levels of runoff from reaching Lake Oroville. The Agenda 21 channel has a few more videos on the Oroville dam.
Watch “Oroville dam update 02 25 2017 Long Term Dangers for Oroville Dam Paul Preston Audio” on YouTube

26 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

The soil begins to become super saturated from heavy rainfall at 4:05 of the video.
Watch “The Johnstown Flood of 1889” on YouTube

26 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

First we have the pilot taking off from LA(pilot muffled voice) airport showing flooded Los Angeles. Second we have National Guard troops filling sandbags. Third we have lots of cement trucks and earth moving equipment working on the Oroville dam.
Watch “CA: [On the plane all day on the] / Dam / Accident / Repair – lake OROVILLE California USA 02/2017” on YouTube

28 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

Really puts the damage into perspective when you a closeup of people against the broken spillway.

28 02 2017
Keith C. Mandeville

He provides information on the Oroville dam until 7:50. He talks about the Oroville weather and the 9 dams north of the Oroville dam. Then he discusses issues related to the Oroville dam. He never gets his call-in show started.
Watch “EMERGENCY UPDATE !! LIVE 🔴 Oroville Dam Spill way Lake UPDATE 2-28-17” on YouTube

Updated weather forecast.
Weather in Oroville – AccuWeather Forecast for CA 95965

Clear and chilly
61°/ 39°2%
Plenty of sun
64°/ 39°0%
Mostly sunny
65°/ 49°4%
Some sun
62°/ 44°60%
A couple of afternoon showers
56°/ 43°68%
Breezy with occasional rain
60°/ 46°30%
A couple of showers possible
61°/ 47°25%
Variable cloudiness
64°/ 44°77%
64°/ 42°25%
67°/ 43°30%
A couple of showers possible
64°/ 47°35%
Cloudy with rain possible
67°/ 42°74%
Periods of rain
62°/ 44°75%
56°/ 47°25%
Considerable cloudiness
63°/ 45°5%
Brilliant sunshine and warmer
62°/ 47°70%
Afternoon thunderstorms
64°/ 47°75%
A couple of p.m. t-storms
64°/ 47°71%
Morning thunderstorms
64°/ 46°62%
Clouds, a couple of t-storms

28 02 2017

This vid is in the newer post “Week 2…” … people won’t see it over here.
Very different weather reports from different news sites.
Anyway there’s lots of snow packed up that will quickly melt so maybe temps in the Sierras is more important than precip.

I don’t see how that can get significant repairs done in time. My opinion – they are working hard on the power plant debris etc. to get it working as the plant helps empty out the dam water. That, I think is another fail.

4 05 2017

Related –
weather modification history

[thanks to Jim Lee 😉 ]

26 08 2017
Hurricane Harvey and Weather Modification – Let’s Go There! | flying cuttlefish picayune

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