Updates on Oroville Dam & California Floods + Rancho Seco (nuke waste place) Floody

23 02 2017

Feb. 23 on . . . .

Way too much water north of Oroville will not be good news to dam workers. They fell behind a day when they had those high winds.

The dam appears weakening.

Wall Fails At Oroville Dam During Testing

LINK – http://youtu.be/1KC427D3nLg

That far away abandoned nuke plant (nuke waste storage facility) is now in a flood-zone.


Nuclear Panic in California! Situation Unfolding: Nuclear Power Plant in Flood Zone Evacuations at Wilton! (Video)

CBS  – Multiple Levee Breaches Reported In Wilton Areahas VIDEO

VIDEO  – http://cbsloc.al/2kCr2im

white_blackYEL_RAD Our MAPS page about the dam has more on Rancho Seco NPP.

Google MAP (zoomable)


LINK –  http://youtu.be/SGlONc7Qiys

Sacramento Bee –  A section of Highway 50 has crumbled down the hillside. Repairs could take months.has VIDEO
(Scroll up ^ for map showing Hwy 50)

LINK –  http://youtu.be/dFxFYGV7Umc

arrow_up ODDITY:


ODDITY #2: Oroville original name was a Bible name, Ophir. –

The town was originally called “Ophir City”, but the name was changed to Oroville when the first post office opened in 1854 (“oro” is “gold” in Spanish).[6] The City Of Oroville was incorporated on January 3, 1906.’Wikipedia

Like Dick Cheney sneaking into Iraq for those “surprise visits” (cash deliveries)Jerry Brown makes surprise visit to Oroville Dam

Oroville dam potential failure causes evacuation of about 200,000 Californians

“…Due to the possibility of complete structural failure involving soil erosion surrounding a damaged spillway ramp, an evacuation order was announced on February 12th for Yuba, Butte, and Sutter Counties….”

Oroville Dam Oroville Spillway Town Hall 2/23/17

Reverse-911 DIDN’T WORK when evacuation was ordered (!!!) 

12:45 min. mark –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/wU3DeXXdQeI

Idea: Oroville residents should hold a conference with New Orleans residents who had to figure out how to approach BP.

Monday’s post has LINKS to LIVE DAM DATA.





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23 02 2017

Q: Does it mean anything that the Oroville Dam buried the gold rush start place? Minute 50 of this video ” What NO ONE is Saying About OROVILLE DAM | Solomon, Ophir, Oroville, Yuba, Juba” — in the post.

23 02 2017

24 02 2017

23 02 2017

‘It felt like something hit the side of the house’: 4.2 quake rattles Washington state

24 02 2017

24 02 2017

footage of the clear cutting above Oroville dam which is contributing greatly to flooding …

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