Fukushima Shudders (quakes)

28 02 2017


It is 5.6M on a Japan-Scale of 7

LINK –  http://youtu.be/SZ54GB9eolQ

The Sun [UK] – QUAKE SHAKES JAPAN A powerful 5.6 magnitude earthquake has rocked Fukushima



5.7 quake map shows 3 volcanoes and 3 nuke complexes nearby.




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28 02 2017

QUAKE STRIKE Argentina hit by 6.3 magnitude earthquake, close to Chile border

1 03 2017
1 03 2017

A little over 1/2 down this article you will find the “Wigner Effects” subheading, and the italicized statement below is there. Article by Leuren Moret…..



WIGNER EFFECTS IN AIRLINE INDUSTRY: In the early months of 2014, three years after the Fukushima disaster, Wigner effects from the contaminated air column, up to lower orbital space, were having a noticeable effect on passenger planes flying across the Pacific north of the equator. Lithium batteries in some commercial planes were reported to be suddenly catching on fire when the planes were sitting on the ground. This was due to changes in the chemical gel in parts of the battery that are being damaged by radiation in the environment. Commercial passenger planes on trans-Pacific flights were making emergency landings on Guam, Hawaii, or other Pacific islands with mechanical problems in the landing gear where high-pressure hydraulic systems use thin metal crimping to attach hoses to fittings. The thin metal used to crimp parts together has more surface area exposed to Wigner effects than other thicker metal parts. Also planes were reported to be losing parts off of the exterior while in flight.

Although pilots and crew members globally are sick, dying, and some are even dead from chronic exposure to Fukushima radiation in the air column, domestic airlines in Japan seem to be the hardest hit:

JetStar Japan cancels flights due to “fuselage maintenance”

Jetstar Japan on Wednesday became the latest low cost carrier to announce a cancellation of flights.

The airline will cancel 101 flights between June 3 and June 11, TBS reported. However, unlike other budget airlines Peach Aviation and Vanilla Air which have had to cancel flights due to a shortage of pilots, Jetstar said the reason for its canceled flights was because fuselage maintenance did not go as planned at Kansai International Airport.

Jetstar said it will issue refunds to and transfer approximately 2,800 customers onto other airline flights during the suspension period.

Peach has canceled up to 2,128 flights through October, while Vanilla Air is cutting 154 flights — around a third of its domestic schedule — for June.

“Jetstar Japan to Cancel 101 Domestic Flights June 3-11,” May 22, 2011. http://www.japantoday.com/category/business/view/jetstar-japan-to-cancel-101-domestic-flights-june-3-1198

In March and April 2014, fourteen fighter jets at Kadena air base in Okinawa lost parts off of the exteriors in the air. Four more fighter jets at Kadena were reported to have lost their windshields in midflight. Recently two Russian fighter jets had problems landing because of Wigner effects on the hydraulic systems. Fighter jets fly at faster speeds than commercial planes, causing higher exposure to radiation, and an increase in the frequency of problems related to Wigner effects. Fighter jets also traverse the air column with more degrees of freedom than passenger planes, exposing them to radiation plumes more frequently. That explains why military fighter jets were having a higher rate of incidents than commercial jets.

By the end of May 2014, the incidence of planes having difficulties due to Wigner effects was steadily increasing and reported nearly every day, but more frequently in the northern Pacific region where Fukushima radioactive plumes and releases have badly contaminated the air column and the north Pacific ocean.

It is obvious now that the airline industry and manufacturers will have to modify systems that are more vulnerable to Wigner related mechanical problems and metal fatigue. The trusted older technology and engineering that worked, will have to be reintroduced to airplane mechanisms vulnerable to Wigner effects.

Recently in the Wall Street Journal article: “Boeing CEO Wants Incremental Innovation, Not ‘Moon Shots’” by Doug Cameron (May 21, 2014), has recognized that these problems are not going away and modifications returning to tried and true basic engineering is going to be necessary to keep planes in the air. Even Boeing is considering changes in design and production of planes due to the Wigner problems.

1 03 2017

1 03 2017
Trowbridge H. Ford

Are new quakes to soften up Japan on having nuclear weapons to meet an apparently aggressive North Korea after the ‘false flag” mission to make it look like it assassinated Kim Jong-Nam isn’t working with China?

1 03 2017

N & S Korea provide all that cheap stuff for Asia.

How long can they keep the lid on Japan? Olympics participation/pull out by nations will be a tell.

3 03 2017

any news from Foal Eagle exercise there I will put in Koreageddon –

1 03 2017

Is the ‘BIG ONE’ imminent? Chilling prediction of ANOTHER Fukushima earthquake this week


1 03 2017
3 03 2017

Two 5.3 quakes on East Sapporo coast (north Japan)


5.3 Mercalli Scale (why is USGS switching scales so often?) – about the same in Richter scale.

4 03 2017

Dana Durnford says all the Japan nuke plants on the east side (15) melted down after the tsunami because of power loss, no cooling.
[audio src="http://rense2.gsradio.net/rense/special/rense_022017_hr3.mp3" /]

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