Oroville Dam WEEK 3 – The Water Level Rising

7 03 2017

Tuesday A.M. – the reservoir water level is at 857 ft. – UP 2 feet from when they tried to LOWER the water level by getting the hydro plant to limp along.

LIVE water level data (select “Latest” on the lower left)

Sunday and Monday water level reports here.




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8 03 2017

Get out of Dodge is our advice to downstream dwellers.

No updates from here for a while. Internet problems … so use our resources and links and YouTube for the latest news.
TV is worthless.

8 03 2017

WED. – water still rising … and outflow lower than IN-flow ….

9 03 2017

News about Hyatt Power Plant (Sao Palo?)

Oroville 9 March Update “Turbines are Turning!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHBugwwEdyk

11 03 2017
16 03 2017

March 15 update [IF link posts]:

16 03 2017

Links won’t post. TEST for comments…..

16 03 2017

PLZ post youtubers names (but not link) who are covering Orville.

blancolirio has March 15 update/flyover.

16 03 2017

PLZ leave names (but not links) of youtubers who report Orville news.

blancolirio has March 15 flyover updat

31 03 2017

he is da man!

16 03 2017

Keith C. Mandeville (19:07:09) :
Looks like the main spillway will be reopened possibly on Friday or Saturday. The lake level continues to rise. The spillway has yet to be repaired to its former smooth state. Repair crews have reinforced crushal areas with a quick setting concrete. This includes the very important dam-side of the main spillway hole. I’ve read that the California Department of Water Resources does not want the fast moving water to create a back flow that eats away the materials under the main spillway back towards the dam.
“LIVE BREAKING 🔴 3-16-17 Oroville Dam spillway ABOUT TO BE OPENED! UPDATE Residents speak out”

30 03 2017

Is Oregon dam system above Calif. compomised on purpose?
Bonneville dams False Flag:

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