The Real Point of Wikileaks Vault 7

8 03 2017


Get the files –   WikiLeaks File Dump




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9 03 2017
Trowbridge H. Ford

To show that Donald Trump was right when he blamed Washington for dirty tricks, like assassinations,,comparable to Moscow’s?

11 03 2017
Trowbridge H. Ford

Now Trump has fired Delaware US Attorney Charlie Oberly, along with all the others, for his role in helping cover up John Wheeler’s assassination,

Maryland US Attorney Rod Rosensteil resigned too, as expected, but was asked by Trump to stay on as Deputy US AG to keep his links with Russia secret,

13 03 2017
Trowbridge H. Ford

And couldn’t Obama have been using the same technology to hack Trump Towers without any justification, explaining his secret meeting with Silicone Valley chiefs to see what it could know about the alleged scandal?

31 03 2017

yep – with help from Apple – Matter

31 03 2017

This is good summary for non-technical readers – from Sane Progressive –
Wikileaks Dark Matter Vault 7 Sane Progressive Discussion Series Part 2 w Tatsu Ikeda, … more on her channel….

1 04 2017

WikiLeaks published the
CIA organizational chart

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