Fukushima Cover-Up Revealed in WikiLeaks Stratfor Docs – Gagged Reporter, Dana Durnford VINDICATED

31 03 2017

Nuke Pro – 11,000 Wikileaks documents related to Fukushima

Dana is going to town with it….  

LINK –  https://youtu.be/UdvaCI0PUqg

LINK –  https://youtu.be/sF_nBIc8BCQ

And –  it makes a monkey out of Dutchsinse and other fools taking the shut-up money (presumeably).
Speaking of fools, we are all vindicated for calling out nuke-pukes like U. Vic’s Jay Cullen and Woods Hole water carrier, Ken Buesseler.

Let’s revisit some items, BANNED IN CANADA by the Dana hit squad, that are now proven to be true by these internal PR documents.



= = = = 

Here’s one we pulled out of the binan e-mail from 3-12-11 (day-after the quake and tsunami and power failure)Email ID 1667924

“…. a variety of STRATFOR nuclear science and engineering sources said Japanese
government statements that the troubled Unit 1 reactor container has not
been breached are highly dubious. Reports of iodine and cesium outside of
the plant indicate that the containment has been breached.”

So they knew all along the containment had been breached from the start and all they worried about was containing the TRUTH, not the corium.

More similar documents are here:






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31 03 2017

ENE-News (3-14)
Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima is “worst industrial cataclysm in history of world… As close to hell as I can imagine” — Melted fuel ‘disappeared’ — Contamination will go on for hundreds of thousands of years… “No one knows when it’ll end” — Gov’t perpetrating ongoing cover-up (VIDEO)


31 03 2017



1 04 2017

Are you sure that’s him? Can anyone be that stupid? In general I think it’s more likely threats against themselves, friends or family, that shuts people up, based on history. It took me years to understand that this is why Bonhoeffer didn’t double cross Hitler – if he had his fiance and family would have been in danger. So, he let himself be hung. But, to say that nuclear rad isn’t harmful is really insane over the top and probably is PR.


2 04 2017

Radiation Levels in Fukushima Reach New Heights, Scientists Claim


4 04 2017
Dutchsinse Self-destruction Examined by Dana Durnford | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Nuke industry publicist, Dutchsinse, doesn’t seem to know WikiLeaks blew the lid off the radiation wafting from Japan since 3-11 story. […]


25 04 2017
US Dept. of Energy’s Baby Grew Up to Become Godzilla and is Coming Home to Mama | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] In February of 2016, Nuke Pro wrote this – A Scientific Basis For Destruction Of Ocean Food Chain Via Radiation. Many scientists and critics have been writing their heads off since 3-11. Did TEPCO take any suggestions or advice from outside their goldfish bowl? No. They hired Stratfor’s goons-squads and media tamers to “handle” the situation. […]


27 06 2017

Jellied sea creatures confound scientists, fishermen on U.S. Pacific Coast
Posted:Tue, 27 Jun 2017 08:11:31 -0400
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Drifting throngs of jelly-like, glowing organisms native to tropical seas far from shore have invaded Pacific coastal waters from Southern California to the Gulf of Alaska this year, baffling researchers and frustrating fishing crews. http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/environment/~3/pT7VGiJhdYs/us-environment-pyrosomes-idUSKBN19I145


27 06 2017

they are hardly baffled …. they just don’t know how to manage the PR lies anymore….

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23 10 2018
YouTube is busy deleting Guy McPherson (world’s leading authority on abrupt climate change) from their search engine | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Just to add insult to injury, G00gle has replaced search results on YouTube with troll videos smearing him. This is a tactic we noticed as the fingerprint for evil PR group, Stratfor. […]


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