Quakes down below the Falkland Islands

4 04 2017

RSOE Report today – “>M 5.6 earthquake in Stanley, South-America,Falkland Islands on 4th April 2017 01:53:17 PM.

There’s been some shaking going on way down there where military installations (labs?) are reported to be.

This are is below the bottom of South America and a little to the east.


Comment on it by Dr. Leuren Moret, “This always gives it away as HAARP – 10 km deep”. And we shouldn’t forget “Argentina wants the Falklands back.”.




One response

4 04 2017

also from Leuren Moret –
“There are HAARP bases in Arecibo-Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Columbia(?), and Antarctica that can all target anyplace they want to – it’s all over-the-horizon-technology. The Fukushima earthquake was triggered from Tromso, Norway.”

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