Huma E-Mail Surprise – Nuke Shills are in it for the FOOD!

7 04 2017

We continue on looking at Huma’s new e-mail batch thanks to Judicial Watch.
We’re only at the beginning of SET 3 and we came across this delightful  Nuclear Security Summit (aka schmooze fest)

HERE’S THEIR CHOW – Gratis nuke murders and goons –
– – we couldn’t help doodling on the menu





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7 04 2017

And speaking of shills –

7 04 2017

I used to enjoy the dutch, now he is a joke or worse

7 04 2017

I guess he’s drinkin’ whiskey an’ smokin’ big cigars …

7 04 2017
Leuren Moret

Radioactive fish on the menu is bad enough for those spoiled and pampered elites, that’s for sure, but there was cheese grated or melted on nearly every hors d’oervre and dish whether hot or cold on those menus.

Dairy products and drinking water are the two main pathways for radiation to get into the body. These were suicide menus – these radiation cheerleaders don’t know that even they are disposable when used up, and are genocided with the rest of the population – often even more so.

Example: Jesuit Gov. Jerry Brown has prostate cancer and his face is covered with scars from removal of carcinoma cancers all over his skin from being exposed to rad from Fukushima. Jesuit Gov. Brown’s appointed Pres. of UC is Janet Napolitano, now dying of her second round with breast cancer.

The “system” is through with them and will now roll them up and dispose of them before they can squawk… They both look like hell. They are not the only promoters of the Jesuit genocide and DHS Nazi gestapo suppression agendas.

The city and campus of Berkeley are now completely wired up with technologies of political control and suppression, imported from RU in 1989, when two Russian KGB Generals visited the Livermore lab where I worked to transfer the Soviet technologies. These technologies are in the “new Chinese” lamp posts, sidewalks, buildings, rooftops, buses, cellphone towers, police antennas, wifi in most public and commercial buildings and are enhanced with well trained cellphone wielding gangstalkers.

Former UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi, an electronics and electrical engineer, acted as the middle man to take the requests for specific technology of suppression, to be developed from DHS/UC President Napolitano to the scientists on various UC campuses. Their designs and prototypes were then carried by Katehi back to the DHS/UC Pres. for comments and modification requests and changes for the designer scientists to finish off the projects. The final products were then sent to China for manufacturing. They are arriving by shiploads and will be installed throughout the Bay Area.

In August 2016, Jesuit UC Pres. Napolitano fired UCD Chancellor Katehi for various violations and misuse of UC money, and within a week or so, Napolitano was diagnosed with her second round of breast cancer. Several weeks after that, in early Sept. the Berkeley Police Chief was fired for “abuse of Berkeley citizens” (that’s what he was hired for, so why did it take years to decide to fire him?), and he integrated the police, city, and campus fascist technologies into DHS and the military systems. Within a week or two more, Jesuit UC Pres. Napolitano fired UC Berkeley Chancellor Durk for rules violations (he wired up the UCB campus). The Mayor of Berkeley, Tom Bates declined to run for Mayor again (after 8 or 10 years and covertly wiring up the city into a police state). He stepped down, hoping to be rewarded/elevated to the UC Board of Regents with all its perks (fancy dinners, limousines, fat honorarium, high visibility – and maybe even CEO of the Univ. of California if he was lucky) for making Berkeley a prison planet model city.

Well didn’t a lot happen to all those assholes in just 2 months – a NWO reward for conspiring to transform the City and campus into a military spec police state – and more importantly getting them out of sight and out of hearing distance should they talk or expose the illegal things they did while in office!

7 04 2017

very good info!

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