US Navy Steaming Toward N. Korea … is on the wrong side of the equator

19 04 2017

How Did the Trump Administration Lose an Aircraft Carrier?
The White House said the USS Carl Vinson was headed for North Korea as it sailed the opposite direction—the latest example of a communications failure inside the executive branch.

MORE on Koreageddon




6 responses

19 04 2017
Trowbridge H. Ford

Wasn’t it just a Pentagon ploy to see how Kim Jong-Un would react to a confrontation, hoping that he would just throw in the sponge?

The media just passes along what SoD Mattis wants to pass along.

19 04 2017

I can’t believe there isn’t a big world map Trump could look at with the locations of these task forces… like in all the movies.
It does look like a feint… and maybe to gauge China reaction too.

19 04 2017
Leuren Moret

I think you and Trow are right – testing testing testing Kim Jong-Un… or it was an obvious provocation to give him an opportunity to demonstrate he is an even bigger threat justifying sending bigger fleets. I think there is algorithm programming in the N.Korea and western propaganda that hypes people up when N.Korea is obviously street theater. This is all just being way too overplayed to believe it.

20 04 2017

20 04 2017


23 04 2017

NOTE – just corrected the map – it had Sunda Strait spelled wrong.
Here’s more about the ship location –

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