US Dept. of Energy’s Baby Grew Up to Become Godzilla and is Coming Home to Mama

25 04 2017

For now, nuke-pukes and “authorities” are trying to blame the west coast total die-off on algae blooms, ocean warming, global warming, nature, rare disease …. anything but radiation and starvation from radiated-to-death food supply.
How long can they keep it up?
Godzilla is a pretty big monster to hide under a sheet of newspaper.

ENE-News TV: Fukushima Radiation Alert — Concern ‘nuclear chain reaction’ could occur at plant — Reactors are still melting down and spewing radioactivity — Fuel has burned through containment — Expert: It’s unprecedented… could’ve been 12 Chernobyls (VIDEO)

In February of 2016, Nuke Pro wrote thisA Scientific Basis For Destruction Of Ocean Food Chain Via Radiation.
Many scientists and critics have been writing their heads off since 3-11. Did TEPCO take any suggestions or advice from outside their goldfish bowl? No. They hired Stratfor’s goons-squads and media tamers to “handle” the situation.

TEPCO’s #1 priority isn’t stopping their nuclear contamination across the globe… it is P.R..

~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

None of the suggestions made in this 2013 article in A Green Road blog to stop the runaway radiation at Fukushima (and other Japanese nuke ruins on the coast) were taken –

Fukushima Tritium Buildup Dangers, And How To Stop The Multiple Out Of Control 100 Ton Corium Fires Raging Under Fukushima, Could Trigger Huge Tritium Deuterium Fusion Reaction And Cause Large Explosion

And – what’s behind the New York Times’ tireless efforts to prop up Godzilla energy?

“It’s probably just a coincidence that one of the leading energy reporters for the Times, 30+ year veteran Matt Wald, after leaving the paper joined the Nuclear Energy Institute to become senior director of policy analysis and strategic planning last year.

It’s probably just a coincidence that the Times has been running this sponsored post from a pro-nuke group: Don’t worry, that’s all made clear in small type to readers who can breathe easy that “The news and editorial staffs of The New York Times had no role in this post’s preparation.” . . . ”

  —     Joe Romm, Think Progress

Dana blew a fuse about the Times this week –

That’s a fraction of the heat that will be coming to pretend journos, scientists and academics when the public wakes up to dead surfers washing up on their beaches and their hair falling out.

Just a fraction.








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25 04 2017

Nuke Shill, Jay Cullen, licks the hand that feeds him.

Researcher: Fukushima Daiichi radiation levels low off West Coast

26 04 2017
27 04 2017

NYT ran piece dissing Macron and promoting Russian owned fascist Le Pen. I think there is a Le Pen Exxon link via Malofeev Marshall Capital Partners. Both Le Pen and Macron pro-nuke. Hamon was probably the better candidate and was antinuke.

27 04 2017
27 04 2017

I can’t find an original article on that and have no time to read through the UN resolution. Logically it’s true. Plus it’s frightening to think of Erdogan having access to US nuclear weapons. He just formally axed democracy. However, it’s Russian whataboutism because they are in trouble about putting longer distance nuclear weapons in. The Canadian web source of that info is Russian funded I think (have thought for years), whether they know it or not. France is very bad but it can get worse. We saw Obama is very bad and Trump worse. Just because France and US are bad doesn’t mean it is helpful to let Russia take them over. The shreds of free speech will disappear and Rosatom is held closely by Putin so will never be gotten rid of nuclear. Areva-EDF have to answer somewhat to French parliament so they will eventually go away. France has been teetering to dictatorship-fascism but Le Pen would be a fascist subsidiary of Putin. I just read that Russia was supposed to only occupy Koenigsburg (Kaliningrad) for 50 years and give it back. It was Germanic for all of history till 1945. Crimea was a late grab too. Then they complain that US planes are near their land in the Baltic and Black Sea and get near Alaska. The US PAID FOR ALASKA. Russia took Koenigburg as spoils of war and conquered Crimea multiple times too.

27 04 2017

I think the the same is true of about the north half of China ….

27 04 2017

I forgot about this: “In an open threat to Eastern and Southern Europe, Putin is moving nuclear-ready weapons to Russia-occupied colonies in Kaliningrad and Crimea.” Kaliningrad was Germanic and only became Russian in 1945. Crimea belonged to various peoples and the Crimean war was fought over it. Neither are attached to mainland Russia.

27 04 2017

that may be a counter move to US/NATO new installations in Poland.
Or just too many weapons … have to spread them all around. US want to add a bunch of missiles to Hawaii…

27 04 2017

Yes, too many weapons. But, Kaliningrad is an exclave. Check out a map. It is in Europe and not even attached to Russia. Crimea is an exclave now too. This is why Russia is griping. They stole land in Europe and then gripe that Europe’s there! They need to give Kaliningrad back. Russia’s got more land than anyone else but like a grossly obese person eating more cake they want more. Russia just gave all the old Russian Catholic and Lutheran Churches to the Orthodox Chruch. They took over one in Nice too. It is a vicious cycle too. As long as Putin expands it is difficult for the US to retract.

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