Dam Expert Issues Oroville Failure Warning + High Snow Runoff Forecast

27 04 2017

Agenda 21 Radio –

Leak at Oroville Dam: Could Lead to Catastrophic Dam Failure.
Nation’s Leading Dam Expert Condemns Blasting at Oroville Dam


Paul Preston and one of the nation’s leading dam experts Scott Cahill visit Oroville Dam. The visit revealed a major leak in the dam wall above the Hyatt Power Plant. The green area in the dam wall is very wet and is porting water from behind the dam. Sources close to Agenda 21 Radio went to the area on the dam and after an examination of the leak and the embankment material including vegetation speciation reported the leak is a major concern the Department of Water Resources is NOT reporting to the public and if not addressed could combined with the ongoing failure modes with main spillway, emergency spillway and the loss of the Hyatt power plant lead to catastrophic dam failure. . . . (more)

Thanks to Perth Observer for the link –

Advisors give recommendations (purged version for public consumption) to California Department of Water Resources:

We were looking at the DWR snow runoff forecast page and see all the rivers are up, up, up!

Check these % over capacity numbers – text version




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28 04 2017

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