BREAKING: There Goes Alaska! Many 6M+ Quakes + Same South of Japan

9 05 2017


New batch of Alaska quakes – not near Mosquito Lake – but way out in the Bering Sea –


SOUTH JAPAN AREA:    – –  6, 6 and 7

Univ. of Alaska – Why earthquakes happen in Alaska

It looks like they are watching the Iliamna volcano too.

Nice LIVE DATA site Recent Earthquakes Near Southern Alaska

SEE ALSOQuite Large Quake Swarm in Alaska Now After 6.3M Quake Strikes < UPDATED





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9 05 2017

Alaska Hit by 45 Significant Earthquakes Within 24 Hours – Coming Soon? This Is What Would Happen if a 9.0 Earthquake Hit the Cascadia Subduction Zone…

11 05 2017
Falklands Area Hit with 5 – 6.8M Quakes | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Big quake swarm there as 3 – 5M quakes continue in Alaska swarm. […]

3 06 2017
Large Quakes in the Bering Sea Off Alaska | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] April saw big quakes too – sort of thumping ever since …. […]

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