Oroville Dam – They Know Rapid Water Release Can Cause A Quake

20 05 2017

This was mentioned before – but here’s the documentation

1978 paper (!)Strength changes due to reservoir-induced pore pressure and stresses and application to Lake Oroville

“The results also show that rapid unloading may cause instantaneous crustal weakening owing to excess pore pressure.”

And here’s one from 1990

“Selected Oroville and Parkfield wave forms are modeled as the fundamental and first higher trapped SH modes of a narrow low-velocity layer at the fault. Modeling results suggest that the Oroville fault zone is 18 meters wide at depth and has a shear wave velocity of 1 kilometer per second, whereas at Parkfield, the fault gouge is 100 to 150 meters wide and has a shear wave velocity of 1.1 to 1.8 kilometers per second. These low-velocity layers are probably the rupture planes on which earthquakes occur...”





2 responses

20 05 2017

Oroville Earthquakes: Normal Faulting in the Sierra Nevada Foothills

The Oroville Earthquakes: A study of source characteristics and site effects

Moho orientation beneath central California from regional earthquake travel times <<< notice authors!

MORE at this NASA search engine when you enter "Oroville"

21 05 2017

Sacramento Bee – Oroville spillway gates close for season to make way for repairs

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