Hanford – AGAIN!

20 05 2017

Zero Hedge “Everybody’s Freaked” – Washington Nuclear Facility Admits Second Radiation Leak, Workers Contaminated – has VIDEO

LINK – https://youtu.be/vgvNbp33uIU




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21 05 2017
21 05 2017
21 05 2017
23 05 2017

Contractors for leak 2 include Energy Solutions, owned by large Trump donor-fundraiser Doug Kimmelman and French gov owned AREVA. For leak one it may be CH2MHill but not certain,

23 05 2017

I think a lot worse is going to happen there just from aging ….

23 05 2017

Yes, but Energy solutions, areva, etc. are being paid a fortune to deal with it… they were supposed to be repackaging some, I think. For the first they should have had a ground motion sensor.

24 05 2017
24 05 2017

William Mount –

Huge Nuclear Leak At Hanford – Again

“1) Barrels of Nuclear Material completely dissolved

2) Trenches along the Columbia River where Nuclear Rods are dissolved leaking directly into the Columbia River – the bottoms and sides of the Cement Tanks had crumbled.

3. Train Car Loads of Nuclear Material headed to Bonner’s Ferry to be dumped on the Forests – polluting Northern Idaho Water with HUGE amounts of Nuclear Radiation and a Governor who does not care one little bit about it. …”

(lots more)

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