Seth Rich Murder and DNC Connections Heat Up – the COLORS Come out

26 05 2017

What is it with this Luciferian, Jesuit purple?

NOT a fashion trend now. It is a fashion signal (not a statement).

Forget what he says —- LOOK AT HIS TIE!




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28 05 2017

Hillary Concedes Wearing Jesuit Purple Color Of The Beast Of Babylon

Mons Vaticanus: Sovereign Satanic City State of The Dead-Nazi-Pope’s And Whore of Babylon (VIDEO)


28 05 2017

new website –


25 12 2017


5 01 2020
5 01 2020

I remember going to the Rainbow Family Gathering of the Tribes
in the Summer of ’92 up in Colorado.
The “Rainbows” had travelled around, various degrees of real self-reliance,
counterculture, progressive, a good dose of hippy dippy…
But there, in ’92, a group, looking real rained-out, sick, low-energy,
a particular little camp had set up down in a nice flat slough, so when
it rained, they were in the puddle. A cub Scout would pick a smarter
location to set a tent.
but these particular “rainbow” campers were into the Rainbow Flag
indicating Gay Pride, and they didn’t really understand much
of anything, about life, or reality, or political meanings, jusy “Gay”,
and fuh-reekin’ stupid! The Colors are God’s Creation…HalleluYah!
Thank You, Admiral Cuttlefish, I want to express Happiness and
Thankfulness…the Good Lord is sending me big help i need in
quickly clearing my deceased partners house.
Thank You Cuttlefish! Positive True Light, Thank You Jesus!


5 01 2020

say, back in the day weren’t the park police always trying stop ranbow-ers from meeting due to huge high hazard of giant forest fire and therefore the woods were just too plain dangerous for a lot of hippies?
Not too dangerous for AARP-er in camper vans though.


5 01 2020

It was always great to hear the criticisms of the nekkid hippies,
but all law enforcement real guys can tell you that any redneck
alcohol picnic is more a police problem than the Rainbow, but it
is a Fed Authority vs. Free Assembly dynamic for some folks.
I indulged in non-self-discipline, could have been a better camper.
Besides the Royal Purple….the Bible mentions those that wear
Scarlet and Purple robes…the Congress of the US performs a special Red Mass….

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20 01 2021


21 01 2021
29 09 2022

Court Orders Production Of Seth Rich Laptop

“Today, a federal judge ordered the FBI to “produce the information it possesses related to Seth Rich’s laptop.””


12 11 2022

FBI Should Have 14 Days, Not 66 Years, To
Produce Seth Rich Information: Lawyer


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