#SethRich – What a morning George!

31 05 2017


cathy fox blog on child abuse

30th May was a pivotal day in Webb World. This post can only hope to show part of what happened.

In the morning, George named the man he thinks shot Seth Rich – Alpha Jalloh 219.1 [3] Action to be taken is Trump to declassify Seth Rich phone and  laptop and this is the key to uncovering the other scams, criminal activities and the whole criminal network including of course Awans and Hillary, Podestas, DWS, DNC, and of course hundreds of compromised people in power

[For those who want to know the relevance to child sexual abuse which this blog is normally about, then this criminal network being exposed run the child sexual abuse “brownstone” operations to blackmail people in power]

George says Marvo is due to shoot Trump and FBI temporary Director Andrew Mccabe was setting up the plot in NZ 219.2 [4]

In video 219.3 he names money…

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4 07 2017
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