50th Anniversary of Israeli Preemptive Strike against U.S.

9 06 2017

Nel's New Day

Today, June 8, is USS Liberty Remembrance Day to commemorate a little-known event—the first and only time that a Middle East country attacked the United States. On that day, 50 years ago, Israel attacked the USS Liberty in international waters about 25 miles off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula. Flying the U.S. flag, the largely unarmed intelligence ship was monitoring communications between the USSR and Egypt to anticipate intervention in Israel’s Six Day War with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

Israeli planes and torpedo boats attacked this US Navy research ship, the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean Sea near the Sinai Peninsula 6/8. 

After observing the ship with radar tracking and hourly aircraft-over flights for more than nine hours, unmarked Israeli warplanes led an air attack followed by three Israeli torpedo boats. Of the 821 holes in the USS Liberty, a 40-foot one was in the hull. The hour-long attack included…

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10 06 2017

Some places I read that the war was caused by false intel from either Russia or Israel itself. Ditto Qatar this week. Trumps and Kushners have multigenerational ties to Netanyahu. The Trumps have multi-generational ties to Chabad Lubavitch which is something like Jewish Mormanism – they have their new prophets and their own book. Goes back to at least Fred Trump and apparently Bunny Lindenbaum. Chabad was donor to Netanyahu in the 90s.

I think recent conflict because Israel and Russia competing with Qatar for natural gas to Europe and Japan. Israel owes Iran 1.1 billion for nationalizing shared pipeline, too. The competition may be Gazprom rather than Rosneft.

Roman Abramovich, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson and Lev Leviev are all Chabad donors. Roman Abramovich and Lev Leviev are Russian oligarchs close to Putin. Sheldon and Miriam Adelson are Trump megadonors. Putin’s fav rabbi is Italian and Chabad.

10 06 2017

PS: I think McCain Alzheimers like state during the hearing maybe because Mercers (Breitburt-Bannon) gave money against him and the Adelsons bailed him out with 1 million $ donation.

11 06 2017

I think he’s really ill. His jaw is all bulged out and some say it is a tumor of some sort.
He runs N. Africa ISIS campaigns too. Real treason.

11 06 2017

I think Qatar is all about gas too.

11 06 2017
Trowbridge H. Ford

Think it was revenge by Rabin in the midst of a massacre of Egyptian prisoners on the Sinai for being caught by surprise by the presence of the US intelligence ship.

5 07 2017

Book on USS Liberty – Censored by Amazon!


5 07 2017

sent in – “Trumps son-in-law and “top” advisor is Mossad.”

16 07 2017

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