Indian Point Nuke Plant Near New York City is Shut Down for ‘Repairs’-

12 06 2017



Indian Point shut down due to leak

“BUCHANAN – A nuclear reactor at the Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan was shut down Monday morning as crews worked to fix a leak.

According to owner Entergy’s website, operators have been monitoring what they call slight water leakage during the last few weeks in the Unit 3 Power Plant. Entergy officials say workers will replace two water seals that sit between the lid of the reactor and the reactor vessel. . . .”

They claim no leak … so why are the rad maps jumping???

All the “news” items we can find on it are just company press releases.

Plus many ratepayers in the State of New York are now feeling the effects of the nuclear bailout.




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12 06 2017

video description:

“EXCESSIVE BONNET LEAKAGE FROM CHEMICAL VOLUME CONTROL SYSTEM VALVE At Indian Point Energy Center [IPEC], Unit 3 normal letdown was isolated due to a significant body/bonnet leak on the inlet valve to Reactor Coolant Filter. Shift team took action to isolate letdown and stop the leak. The Abnormal Operating Procedure (AOP) was entered, normal letdown was isolated per procedure, and excess letdown was placed in service to balance inventory at 61 percent Pressurizer Level. This was above the Technical Specification [3.4.9] level of 54.3 percent which was exceeded at 0911 [EDT], putting the unit in a 6-hour shutdown action statement. The valve body/bonnet was torqued, successfully eliminating the leakage. Pressurizer Level was restored to the normal control band and the AOP was exited at 1136. The SM [Shift Manager] estimated the leakage at 18 gallons per minute when leak was active. No EAL [Emergency Action Level] thresholds were exceeded. This occurrence is considered a safety system functional failure per 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(A), requiring an 8-hour NRC report.”

12 06 2017

Oh no not again. I will have to reblog this one. Hope you are doing well fish. I have been getting some serious spam lately, never seen anything like this before. I cut them off short and quick. You being a very saavy blogger I don’t allow them trashing you out either.


13 06 2017

I am getting hundreds of ad spam for expensive sneakers. Tons of it…. plus WordPress keeps stalling on me ….

13 06 2017
13 06 2017

Current status of U.S. nuclear power plants

15 06 2017

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