How the Billionaire Class Destroys Cities

17 06 2017

Robert Fitch and Peter Kwong – The Assassination of New York

“The story of how the richest city in the world became one of the poorest in North America, with a new introduction by Peter Kwong

How did New York City come to be a network of steel towers, banks, and nail salons, with chain drugstores on every block—a place where, increasingly, no one can afford to live except the lords of Wall Street and foreign billionaires, and where more and more of the Big Apple’s best-loved businesses have closed their doors? It didn’t start with Michael Bloomberg—or with Robert Moses. As Robert Fitch meticulously demonstrates in this eye-opening book, the planning to assassinate New York began a century ago, as the city’s very richest few—the Morgans, the Mellons, and especially the Rockefellers—looked for ways to maximize the value of their real estate by pushing Gotham’s vibrant and astonishingly varied manufacturing sector out of town, and with it, the city’s working class.”

The Assassination of New York
Robert Fitch, Author
Verso $29.95 (293p) ISBN 978-0-86091-390-0



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17 06 2017
The Tower, The Tarot Card and the Grenfell Fire | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] How the Billionaire Class Destroys Cities […]


18 06 2017


17 03 2021

Reblogged this on flying cuttlefish picayune and commented:

We though we’d reblog this post as it relates to this striking art show about how the Hudson Yards project in NYC is a wrecking ball for the east portion of the city.
Deborah Natsios: Hudson Yard Collateral


2 06 2021

Mining Awareness – Biden Budget Proposal to Squander $5 Billion to Undermine Single Family Homes to Make More Room for Immigrants-Maximize Landlord Profits; Coffin Homes in Our Future

“The ultimate goal is to stuff the maximum amount of people in the minimum space for the maximum price. “

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2 06 2021

(2020) Life in Pelosi’s Fiefdom – America’s Cramped “Coffin Home” Future Under Harris-Biden
Pelosi can go live in her g*ddamn giant refrigerator! – FC

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