Why Cricket is Better than Baseball

18 06 2017

INDIA Vs PAKISTAN, Final top Highlights


BBC – Champions Trophy: Inspired Pakistan thrash India by 180 runs

flying cuttlefish picayune

Fans of American baseball often have an idea that it is a faster sport, a more physically challenging sport than cricket.

With a TV blackout on even the condensed T-20 cricket games (where the game all takes place in the same day) in the USA baseball fans have never even seen a cricket game.

Here are some observations by a newly converted cricket fan:

Cricket is played from start to finish.

Baseball is played in fits and starts. The pace is constantly interrupted like a bad radio signal from Mars.

For the cricket fan you would typically see your player step up to bat to challenge the bowler’s best effort. In baseball the batter would trot to the position and use 1001 stunts to not engage the pitcher. The batter

adjusts his cap


waggles the bat

steps away from the regulated position for him to stand

steps back into…

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