Crimes Revealed in Grenfell Towers Fire < UPDATED

23 06 2017

CORRECTION:  Bottom of this post talks about Celotex cladding.  Jun. 24 news reports say it is Arconic product. A different company.


The Daily MailGrenfell Tower inferno was started by a Hotpoint fridge freezer say police who are looking at manslaughter charges as part of the investigation

  • Scotland Yard says it has seized documents from a number of organisations as part of the investigation
  • Detective Superintendent said they are considering ‘every criminal offence from manslaughter onwards’
  • The Grenfell Tower fire started in a faulty fridge-freezer and the cladding and insulation on the block has failed all safety tests, police have revealed.

Hotpoint tells customers to check fridge-freezers after Grenfell Tower fire


The Guardian Grenfell survivors were told to sign council form that ‘could waive rights’

The Guardian Grenfell Tower fire: police consider manslaughter charges

Fire safety regulations: has the government delayed reviewing them?

“Former housing minister, Gavin Barwell, failed to give the go-ahead to a safety review, despite it having been delayed for years.

A review of the fire safety part of building regulations was recommended to the government in 2013. The government said it would conduct a review and publish updated regulations in 2016/17. The regulations remain unchanged. The government says the work is ongoing.”

Theresa May’s new chief of staff [Gavin Barwell] ‘sat on’ a review of fire safety in tower blocks like Grenfell Tower

The Evening Standard Police: we are looking at all charges including manslaughter, and all firms involved

“…the cladding and the insulation failed all safety tests.
“The insulation was more flammable than the cladding. Tests show the insulation samples combusted soon after the test started.””
“… Previously, police said they would examine everything from the cause of the fire to the management of the building, recent refurbishments and fire safety measures and whether panels were fitted unlawfully.”
“…Celotex, an Ipswich-based company, has said it made the insulation which fitted between the cladding and the concrete wall of the tower.
The firm said the product had Class 0 rating, which prevented flames from spreading and limited the amount of heat released.”

The CELOTEX company website claims, “As we previously stated, our records show a Celotex product (RS5000) was purchased for use in refurbishing the building. This product has a fire rating classification of Class 0, in accordance with British Standards. Celotex RS5000 is the insulation component specifically tested as part of a system to British Standard BS8414-2:2005. When the system is designed and installed in line with this, RS5000 meets the criteria set out in BRE Report BR 135 ‘Fire performance of external thermal insulation for walls of multi storey buildings.’”

A map of the location in Ipswich – and you can write a review of their product –
The parent company seems to be Saint-Gobain, a giant multinational who make “multicomfort solutions”. That’s a new word for it.

Celotex – Rainscreen Cladding
Premium performance PIR insulation boards for use with a range of rainscreen cladding systems.

“Relevant for both new build and refurbishment projects, rainscreen cladding is a popular choice for large multi-storey buildings; however structural performance, wind loading, fire performance and thermal efficiency are all considerations for the building designer. Constructions designed with high levels of insulation benefit from reduced running costs and lower levels of carbon emissions.”

PDF – –  Product Application | Specifications

PIR face book page!

The MirrorPrivate landlords aren’t being forced to fire-test housing block cladding – even if it’s similar to Grenfell Tower

On the list of privately-owned blocks, [the Downing Street spokeswoman] said: “We don’t know the number and we don’t know the volume of those yet.”






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23 06 2017

23 06 2017

23 06 2017

The value placed on human life will continue to decline due to overpopulation of the world. Value of human life and labor increased after the bubonic plagues. Robots just add to devaluation. Corruption and patronage are some ways of dealing with shortages of jobs, goods and services, food, etc.

23 06 2017

With a faulty consumer driven economy I don’t see how they think robots can contribute anything.
They aren’t consumers.

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