Is the US using weather weapon against China?

3 07 2017

Swathes of south China under water, heat strikes north

– (2015) | WW3 Started by US

America’s Pivot To Far East: How To Make & Exploit New Enemies by Trowbridge H. Ford

Part 2 of Glimpses of America’s Man-Made Disasters, by Trowbridge H. Ford –

W. David Thompson [former NRO employee, and founder, president, and ceo of Spectrum Astro which had designed a dozen high performance satellites for the NRO]

“but where are those revolutionary satellites that they promised us?” Its slogan should be: “Buying Yesterday’s Technology at Tomorrow’s Prices” – unlike what the shoulder patch proudly pronounced: “We Own The Night.” Thompson then mentioned all the failed launches and satellites, concluding with a call for the agency to fix itself under the new leadership of former Air Force Secretary and current Pentagon acquisitions chief Edward Aldridge, Director Teets, Deputy Director Fitzgerald et al.

Some Maps

regular monsoon

current null school map



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3 07 2017

some background – Jim Lee’s Climate Viewer page on the history of weather modification


3 07 2017

related –
Int’l Conference on Combating Sand and Dust Storms Kicks off in Tehran

Dr. Leuren Moret says, “The sand and dust storms are global and annual and have been going on since deserts existed. The three main regions that originate global dust storms now are SW US, Sahara Desert – N. Africa, and the Gobi Desert in C. Asia. The sand and dust is red from iron oxidation coating the grains, and even causes red rain the color of wine in Europe – coming across the Medit. from Sahara Desert. Many legends and stories exist in EU about the “wine rains” and even omens developed around this natural phenomenon.

I think they using HAARP now after finding this article just now, on a sand and dust conference in Teheran due to the increased destruction of the annual sand/dust storms in many places. To me that indicates HAARP is being used to add energy (transferred from the Van Allen belt) to the annual storms – weaponizing Nature again. This is an interesting conference, I wish I could go to it. I have done extensive research on annual sand and dust storms for my PhD work on the history of the earth’s magnetic field. That record is in the iron dust grains at the bottom of the ocean, settled out from the atmospheric dust storms… and they are oriented to the orientation of the magnetic field at the time they were deposited in what are dust “snow drifts” on the seafloor.

These dust storms are essential to agriculture for the minerals and nutrients provided by the dust. Even Darwin’s ship colleagues were recording and collecting samples from the Sahara dust storms they encountered in the Canary Islands on one trip.”


8 07 2017

Dublinmick’s Breaking News – Unprecedented Rain And Flooding In Just About Every Part Of The World Right Now


11 07 2017


16 07 2017


9 08 2017

The Big Wobble – Update: More than a 100 feared dead and 130,000 homes damaged after mag 7.0 quake struck south-west China yesterday.


5 08 2020
Mystery war going on with secret weapons? 💣 | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] 2017: Is the US using weather weapon against China? […]


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