Epic Fail – NPR’s hit piece on the Seth Rich story

2 08 2017

Michael Trimm –

LINK –  https://youtu.be/MCy6YyyIHFA

The “hit-man” on this giant flub is NPR’s David Folkenflik. We were looking around to see if he is one of these fake journos who gets money from the CIA. We didn’t find that . . . but we found this very interesting document: Declassified CIA documents detail how to sabotage employers, annoy bosses

page 113 –


The document also has this – (p. 3)

The “RATF*CKING” Of the American Voters: The Crime Without A Penalty

█ Using the resources of taxpayer cash and public offices, an increasing number of Americans are being attacked and destroyed by their own elected officials
█ Over 1000 companies offer criminally evil attack-and-destroy services, against voters, to politicians
█ No laws prevent such attacks and politicians won’t put any laws in place because they use these attacks so much







2 responses

2 08 2017
2 08 2017

The Media Matters place is David Brock (#pizzagate) creation.


and he’s x-boy toy of James Alefantis

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