Nuker Arnie Gundersen gives Dana Durnford shovel to bury him with

2 08 2017




Coward, Ken Buesseler Hides Out After Exposed as Thug for Woods Hole and Nuke Cartel

Woods Hole Sh*ts in Pants — Scrubs Data on Pacific Radiation

Academics Under the TEPCO Spell ($$$$)






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3 08 2017

9 08 2017

13 08 2017

15 08 2017

I noticed this frightening thing. Kaltofen has turned the hot particle on its head to be used against safety. “Excess cancer incidences based only on averaged data could wrongly assert causation from averaged doses alone, if higher unrecorded hot particle doses also existed.”

Kaltofen wants his Ph.D. and that depends on committee. I haven’t concluded yet if Arnie was likely tricked or was threatened. The methodology looks faulty and I think there are contradictions between the summary and text.

“Radioactively-hot particles detected in dusts and soils from Northern Japan by combination of gamma spectrometry, autoradiography, and SEM/EDS analysis and implications in radiation risk assessment” Marco Kaltofena, , , Arnie Gundersenb Science of The Total Environment, Volumes 607–608, 31 December 2017, Pages 1065–1072,

15 08 2017

great find!
And did you see this from Nuke Pro?

Massive Change In Melting Point of Plutonium Published 6 Months After Fukushima

I see a trend!

15 08 2017

Thanks. I intend to keep reading that article by Kaltofen and Arnie too. It is very short.

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