All About the EMP Attack Drill Coming Aug. 23 – Operation Black Sky

13 08 2017

Operation Black Sky: NOT a False Flag Event, But …

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council is an NGO, not a government agency or czarship.

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council [PDF]:

Black Sky Hazard Coordination and Planning
Managing Emerging Catastrophic Risks to Lifeline Infrastructures

2015 article – Threats to Electric Power Grid Could Result in “Black Sky Days”

“The societal impact of a “Black Sky Day”—a term used by electric infrastructure security experts when discussing a collapse of the North American power grid—would be devastating, according to Dr. Daniel Baker, distinguished professor of Planetary and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder.”


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Opinion: It looks like these electric infrastructure security “experts” created a new threat to talk about, hold conferences about and extort money from billionaire energy bosses with. Just like FEMA was useless after Katrina, if there ever is some EMP attack these guys will be nowhere to be seen. They will probably go by private jet to some hangout in the Bahamas with all the loot they bag from these conferences.

Thanks to a reader for sending this tip in – F.C.




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13 08 2017

related –

13 08 2017

Reblogged this on Nature Runs Amok at Yellowstone and commented:

Maybe Yellowstone blowing up would knock out the grid . . .

13 08 2017
Keith Mandeville

I picked up this important idea from the squawker link given above.
Excerpt: However, we knew of no such FEMA/military drill for each of the false flag events that has taken place until after the event.

14 08 2017

Yes! 9-11 “drill”, 7-7 “drill” and so forth.
4x traffic on the blog – luckily many bigger outlets are picking up the story. I put it on voat – so it got seen.

14 08 2017
Keith Mandeville

I spent hours trying to dig up information on “Operation Dark Sky,” with zero help from Google and the censors. Since this blog. went up, I’m finding a little more information on Google.

14 08 2017

I had no luck. But there’s huge volume of alt media headlines on so I looked there and got it right away.
I wasted a lot of time oh G00gle and Bing first.
Glad I did. High interest in the topic and my interest in it is the announced “drill”part. That is a red flag to me.

14 08 2017

Thanks for posting info that is not-much-available. Drill part is significant imo. Blame N Korea?

14 08 2017

There’s a bunch of unverified info on N. Korea having fancy EMP weapon but it all seems to come from one source and dates back to not long ago.
I think that semi-grid down [ Aug. 14, 2003]
was phony thing done deliberately to dump bank/stock data under guise of the “outage”.
Look at data lost in WTC Building 7 and Mena records stored at OK City building that blew up.
All this talk about the grid is to prepare the public for more outages so they can erase stock market bubble or something.

If you know electrical workers they will tell you that tree story in 2003 was suspect.

14 08 2017
Keith Mandeville

I heard a long time ago that the power failure originated in Canada. United States Power was sucked into Canadian power grid failer.

14 08 2017

I think they fried themselves as it closed stock trading.

28 08 2017

2014 EMP doc from Homeland Security hearings ….

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