Fukushima Reporter, Dana Durnford also censored by You Tube Downloader apps

24 12 2017

What the h*ll?

Besides being censored across the internet by nuke-puke tools, You Tube, Googe etc. – it seems the masters of the web want you to UNABLE to download his brilliant videos.

Dana Durnford analyses the effects of Fukushima radiation on the Pacific coast of North America with an expert’s eye as he was a lifelong mariner and diver.

This cruddy app, You Tube Downloader, built as an add in for Chrome browser freezes up on his vids.

VISIT his channel



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27 12 2017

I ran across this, but am skeptical since Japan is still discharging from Fukushima even though the original Cs 134 would be mostly gone, many other radionuclides remain and new being added: https://www.voanews.com/a/starfish-returning-to-us-west-coast/4180738.html


27 12 2017

Yeah, I think the story is bogus too. Maybe grasping at straws trying to “contain” the message. I see many titles on YouTube from Kevin Blanch and iothers about the demise of many species along the west coast.
I have just a few hours of internet access (neighbor’s) to try and catch up. It is complicated since I cannot download Dana’s work becuse the downloader is rigged to block him.
One bit of good news – I looked at a BBC vid on something or other Japan was doing to “clean up” Fuk and the vid was full of comments be people who know it’s a mega-disaster with no abatement.
So the message is getting out.

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28 12 2017

Glad your neighbor is nice. Just read that when JFK was against above ground testing most Americans were for and now most oppose nuclear so that is progress just slow.

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10 06 2018
10 06 2018

MIch. State is the campus that abused Team USA girl gymnasts!

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18 06 2018

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