Watching Mount St Helens

4 01 2018

The Daily Mail – [UK]

Is Mount St Helens recharging? Four times as many earthquakes than usual are detected close to the volcano nearly 40 years after its deadly eruption

  • Earthquakes were first detected beneath Mount St Helens on New Years Day

  • A series of 68 tremors has been been detected by the USGS since that time

  • The largest was a magnitude-3.9 that hit around 12:38 am PT on Wednesday

  • Scientists say the quakes are not related to the volcano’s magma chamber




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4 01 2018
9 01 2018

24 01 2018

sent in:

I’m watching the Rattlesnake Ridge near Yakima, Washington right now. Estimated 4-10 million cubic yards of hillside slipping at 1.6 feet/week. There is highway below and the Yakima River. A lady is giving daily updates with pictures.

Watch “Rattlesnake Ridge Update January 21, 2018.” on u tube.

26 01 2018
Keith Mandeville

This video was uploaded on 7 January but still informative.

Watch “Officials expect ‘event’ at Rattlesnake Ridge” on ebuTuoY(Read name backwards). I am still forbidden to post ebuTuoY videos on this blog. Not blaming you, Flyingcuttlefish.
Distant and closeup video of Rattlesnake Ridge crack, I82 highway, and Yakima river.

Watch “Rattlesnake Ridge Yakima Washington. Jan 14, 2018” on ebuTuoY(read name backwards).

26 01 2018
Keith Mandeville

Watch “Union Gap, Washington, Growing cracks in Rattlesnake Ridge raise alarm, evacuations put off” on ebuTuoY.

26 01 2018
Keith Mandeville

Watch “Rattlesnake Ridge Slide Update 1/17/18 Drone video shows idiots on slide area – Geologic Analysis” on ebuTuoY.

26 01 2018
Keith Mandeville

Watch “Rattlesnake Ridge Crack Drone Footage Update & Analysis – Union Gap – Yakima River Valley 1/14/2018” on ebuTuoY.

27 01 2018
Keith Mandeville

Excerpt: Approximately 20 acres in the Rattlesnake Hills, 3 miles south of Yakima near Union Gap, WA is currently moving at a rate of ~1.6 ft/week in a southward direction.

Rattlesnake Hills Landslide | WA – DNR

28 01 2018

NOTE: I added a comment to the Yellowstone blog with a good map of ring-of-fire activity this week ….

17 03 2018
Keith Mandeville

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network is monitoring the Rattlesnake Ridge slow-moving landslide carefully.
Excerpt: Seismic monitoring of a slow landslide near Union Gap in eastern Washington continues with several new analysis techniques being developed and applied. For details on the PNSN mobilization and initial monitoring procedures see the extensive Observations and updatesfor the January period. This current post is a continuation of reports on our observations and analyses started on February 11, 2018.
Update on February 15, 2018 (A mystery and forensic seismology)
Update on February 27, 2018 (A rockfall and other observations)

Update on March 16, 2018 (No change in the slide but some new monitoring efforts)…Before leaving the topic of rockfalls we are a bit surprised that we have not seen more of these. We may be missing small ones, particuarly those that take place during seismically noisy periods (wind or lots of traffic), but we don’t think that rockfalls of the size of the one yesterday are being missed. Given that the slide has been moving about 1.7 feet per week for the past six or more weeks (and moving some for the previous two months) it seems that the total movement could be as much as 20 feet. One might expect that this movement would have dumped up to 20 feet off the edge of the slide into the quarry. This is a bit of a puzzle to this seismologist.
Enough of rockfalls. What about the more interesting (to a seismologist) tiny earthquakes that seem to continue at about the same rate.

Continued Rattlesnake Ridge Landslide Monitoring | Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

24 02 2018
Still Watching Mount St. Helens and Pacific NW. | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Not long ago – Watching Mount St Helens […]

25 03 2018
Keith Mandeville

Looks like you can now see hints of the ridge sliding further away from the mountain.

Watch “Rattlesnake Ridge March 24, 2018” on ebuTuoY.

25 03 2018

I would but I am watching San Andreas!
Too much going on!

Here’s yer vid:

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