US East Coast Nuclear Bomb Cyclone? Pilgrim & Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Scrams-Power Reduction-Loss of Cooling Water Point To The Risks

7 01 2018

disaster waiting in the wings …


Mining Awareness +

Not only dangerous, nuclear power stations are unreliable electicity sources in extreme weather. So much for the “baseload power” lies. Why are the nuclear utilities courting nuclear disaster during blizzard – extreme cold conditions? Price Anderson limits their liability is why:

GOES-16 ABI image of the Early January 2018 Nor’easter maturing off the east coast of the United States. Date 4 January 2018, NOAA:
Not only dangerous, nuclear power stations are unreliable electicity sources in extreme weather. Worse, they require energy input for cooling, so as not to meltdown. Even though they can’t be turned off, they are supposed to be powered down during extreme weather, but were apparently not for the recent blizzard with hurricane force winds. Pilgrim nuclear power station near Boston had a forced shutdown due to loss of power, and Oyster Creek near Philadelphia reduced its power due to low water levels in…

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8 01 2018

Thanks for the reblog. I’m happy you didn’t evac out from the biggest hurricane hit ever to another storm. Hopefully you are warm.


9 01 2018

very nice weather here …. good thing as roof is only 1/2 repaired 🙂

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14 01 2018
Trowbridge H. Ford

Good to hear, Mary. It is really cold here in Connecticut.

You have gotten more than your fair share of the bad weather, like the DACA immigrants from Haiti, El Salvator, and Honduras. The Cubans too, but, the Shithole USA has let them in here as part of the collateral damage of the continuing Cold War with the commies..

The alarm in Hawii showed that the bust-up with North Korea is also Pentagon- made as it has no effective deterrence against it.

Hope I can get out of here too before I die.


15 01 2018

It is a big relief to not be in the USA. I’d rather be here with my heap-of-rubble-house than up there with sunny weather and police asking for ID everywhich way.

Of interest –

[ I think I will post this to FC ]


17 01 2018
Trowbridge H. Ford

Seems my spook articles, especially the series about glimpses of man-made disasters, got the Chinese in the wake of the devastating Sichuan earthquake the Ministry of State Security onto Jerry Lee’s CIA spying network there.


18 01 2018

Yeah, I wonder about them situating all the US based high tech slave-factories there in the in the high quake zone.
When quakes happen data disappears as well as people.

Other topic – I liked this vid –


20 01 2018
Trowbridge H. Ford

Science City in Sichuan was built in the least prone quake area after what happened to the one in North China in the late ’70s, and the 90,000 victims killed were the top elite in missile and nuclear science, hardly slaves.

It was a war crime of unprecedented character.


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