The US Constitution Reserves To Congress The Right To Declare War Because History Showed That Executives May Go To War For Reasons Which Are Not In The National Interest

14 04 2018

very timely . . . QUICK! Before it’s censored!

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The British model gave the king the absolute power to make war. The American framers [of the Constitution] repudiated that form of government because their study of history convinced them that executives go to war not for the national interest but to satisfy personal desires of glory, ambition, and fame. The resulting military adventures were disastrous to their countries, both in lives lost and treasures squandered.” L. Fisher: (The Framers were those involved in deciding and writing what is in the US Constitution, not picture frame makers. The dictionary says authors but it is apparently more complex: )

People were alarmed to learn that many Americans don’t recall any names of Holocaust concentration-death camps, but how many can’t recall who has the right to declare war? Perhaps because the Constitution has been ignored so many times? How many thought it was the US President and that…

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15 04 2018

Illegal Drilling rights awarded in Syria.


15 04 2018

FC, if this is truth, it is worth an entire post!


15 04 2018
16 04 2018


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