Dana Durnford Challenge – Take Your Chances in the Nuke Casino!

12 06 2018

We were inspired by Dana’s sign off message about the NUKE CASINO –

LINK – https://youtu.be/k7VfM318FX4

17:31 min. mark:

 I don’t think we can get a nuclear degree and to get in the media to you tell it’s
like a banana.

But – if you went to Professor when you’re getting a nuclear degree in the real world and sayin’ it was like a banana then they would fail you… because it’s not like a banana … it’s like terrorist laws, it’s like we can’t find a repository … this is why it’s so dangerous.

All the animals died in all of the studies. If you cure a single animal with radiation from a nuclear reactor do you think for one second you wouldn’t hear about it every day for the rest of your life?

So why bring your loved ones to the hospital and give them the same chemicals, the same metals, the same isotopes that killed all the animals?

So 3% of the people that go and get chemotherapy with radiation live longer than them without ’em.


Would you go to Vegas with odds of 3%?


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12 06 2018

TRY YOUR LUCK! Click the link at the end of the post!


12 06 2018

short URL for the slot machine –


12 06 2018

Nuke Pro – Amazingly High Radiation in Tokyo Bay — 131,000 Bq per Meter Squared


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