Vogtle Nuke Plant Outside Augusta, GA has Sudden Shut Down – “for re-fueling”

18 09 2018

See Region 2, half way down this page – “output: 0”


News story –

Scheduled refueling activities underway at Plant Vogtle Unit 1

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.Sept. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Plant operators safely removed Unit 1 of the Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating Plant offline Sunday, Sept. 16, at 5 a.m. ET for the scheduled fall 2018 refueling outage. The severe weather resulting from Hurricane Florence had no impact on the scheduled refueling outage activities.

It would have been nice if the NRC page had this. They have no news releases featuring “Vogtle” since August.

Let’s see how many nuke plants in the path of hurricane Florence affected area get a re-fueling shutdown this week….


On or before September 30, the two minority owners of Plant Vogtle Units 3&4, Oglethorpe Power Corporation (OPC) and Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG), will decide if they want to assume their portion of the recently announced $2.3 Billion cost overrun and continue participating in the project plagued by multiple delays and cost overruns that have increased rates, impaired balance sheets, and strained borrowing capacities. They will decide if they want to ante-up and bet the house on flawless going-forward project execution at Vogtle.


“Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG), a co-owner of the South Georgia nuclear plant, sits on one side of the dispute while the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) is on the other. MEAG in its federal lawsuit filed Tuesday claims JEA, the Florida-based company, is trying to renege on a 2008 agreement to purchase power from the Georgia-based operator.”




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18 09 2018

PLYMOUTH — The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has spent the last six days operating below full power.
The station was at 60 percent capacity Tuesday and below 50 percent for the past five days. The plant usually runs between 90 and 100 percent at full capacity.
Plant spokesman Pat O’Brien said that wind and tidal conditions continue to cause the station to operate at lower than usual capacity…. (more)


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18 09 2018

Internal NRC Email Details A Summary Of What Is Wrong With the Agency — Stating “This Is Embarassing”

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18 09 2018

McGuire nuke plant at 50%

“The McGuire nuclear plant is functioning at 50 percent as part of its regularly scheduled maintenance.”

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24 09 2018

Duke Progress’ 975-megawatt Robinson Nuclear Plant near Hartsville, North Carolina, is off line. But that was shut down for a scheduled refueling outage. One of the two, 1,160-megawatt units at Duke Energy Carolinas’ McGuire Nuclear Station north of Charlotte is also off line for scheduled refueling.


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