Normalising nuclear – beware of this public opinion campaign – theme for October 2018

14 10 2018


We need to explain and to start [nuclear] education at all levels, from kindergarten, school and university, to parliament and ministers. ”  said Mikhail Chudakov , deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA  “our efforts can shift the paradigm from gaining public acceptance of nuclear power to generating well-informed public demand for nuclear power. We must reinforce the benefits of nuclear power…… will require enhaned international cooperation.”

A global campaign aims at normalising nuclear – getting people’s global acceptance that exposure to increased ionising radiation is OK, that nuclear is essential to save the climate

It beggars belief that the world can ignore Fukushima, Chernobyl, and other nuclear disasters and the growing toll of radiation-caused cancers and birth defects.  And can ignore the link with nuclear weapons and the radioactive wastes piling up. And can ignore the astronomic nuclear costs, and the economic success of renewable…

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14 10 2018
Jack Schick

I haven’t checked lately, but our New Mexico Tech
in Socorro was, in recent years, promoting the small
modular reactors program, apparently some big corp.
funding for fellowships, professorships?
They sent out a character named Van Romero to present
a Spanish-American face to the uneducated New Mexico
public, promoting Nukie-dukie-nuclear Science!!
Money makes the world go around, with Liza Minelli
shaking it. I was raised with the arrogant Eco-Elite attitude
that the big population reduction is overdue!
Look at all the Damage! WTF? MacArthur was right!
Patton was Right! Ed Teller and Curtis LeMay and MacNamara
and the Pop-reduction programs are and have been well underway!
The John Denver music lovers,
Edward Abbey, Monkey Wrench Gang.
The Corp.-Military game is calculated to destroy populations.
Thanks for doing this Good Work!
Theme music for the evening:
Inca Roads–F.Zappa–One Size Fits All….


15 10 2018

It’s all such a manipulative mindf*ck –
You don’t have to be down and out in NM to be lied to.
My mind is blown by this info (I believe is true) –

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15 10 2018

S. Korea – all kinds of nuke plant trouble with defective construction –

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16 10 2018
17 10 2018

This will show up on the right sidebar also ….

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24 10 2018


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