Former TEPCO exec denies delaying anti-tsunami steps before nuclear crisis – Japan Today

17 10 2018

AGR Daily News

Former TEPCO exec denies delaying anti-tsunami steps before nuclear crisis – Japan Today

“I had no intention to buy time and I’m offended by the claim that I put off taking measures,” said Muto, who is charged with professional negligence resulting in deaths and injuries in connection with one of the world’s worst nuclear crises.

Along with Muto, another former vice president Ichiro Takekuro, 72, and former chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata, 78, were also indicted in 2016 for allegedly failing to take measures to prevent the disaster.

The indictment of the three was mandated in 2015 by an independent panel of citizens after prosecutors decided against laying charges.

via Former TEPCO exec denies delaying anti-tsunami steps before nuclear crisis – Japan Today

Of course, he will deny knowledge of stone markers set up all over the coast of Japan, marking the high water point of previous tsunamis.

And he will also…

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18 10 2018
18 10 2018

Sent in – That seems like a frequent problem – there have been rad pacemakers melted too. But, the americium is a problem because of the old smoke detectors I think.

A huge problem under which they are able to hide nuclear power and weapons cancer is old radium watches many of which are still around. They have so much radiation in them that wearing them constantly gives 70 mSv exposure per year. EPA exposure for NPS is 0.25 mSv and NRC 1 mSv. According to BEIR there is approximately 1% chance of excess cancer per 100 mSv exposure. They continued to sell radium clocks in watches until at least the 70s full knowing since the 20s or earlier that they are deadly.
Someone needs to sue the watch and clockmakers like Bulova. Bulova also left a big rad mess sitting in the middle of a Swiss town that someone found with a Geiger a few years ago.

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18 10 2018

Just to make clear, that’s one source of Americium. Another is fairly short-lived plutonium 241 ingrowth to longer-lived americium 241. I may post this later, if I have time:


18 10 2018

Meanwhile I’ll keep it here.

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18 10 2018

Kayaba System Machinery found to have sold defective earthquake dampers in Japan for years
Some of Japan’s most famous buildings and 2020 Olympic Games venues have been caught up in a scandal over faked earthquake resistance data.


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