2 Forbidden Discussions: 9-11 truth and (unmentionable)

19 10 2018

2 Forbidden Discussions: 9-11 truth and (unmentionable)

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20 10 2018
Jack Schick

Heya Cuttlefish! Cosmic color semaphore fractals at ya!
I went to the censored wordpressStinks.
They make you register a shmoogle account, so i saved the
message i was going to add to the Bannon-Hitler story.
And here it is: Ta-daaaa…
There is no “free speech” in Germany, today, because of
this beast of world propaganda. Hitler was a Good Catholic Boy.
“Jerusalem” is supposed to be an eventual City of Peace.
The serious fault line splits Jerusalem, setting up prophetic
Great Earthquakes. Soon! and very soon!
Attachment causes suffering.
Call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
It is by His stripes we are healed.
The Angel told Mary to name Him Immanuel.
Consider Churchill-the-Great and his propaganda.
Big Hero. We will nevah surrendah!
But Winnie Churchill slaughtered Boers and all enemies.
Winnie experimentally used weapons on helpless people.
Eisenhower, referred to in his yearbook at West Point as
“that terrible Swedish Jew”, ordered penning and starving of
German civilians after the war.
Now, today, we face shit-for-brains “law officers” willing to
sustain their own cop-gangs, up to the level we Now See Exposed
at the so-called Justice Department. The FBI gang vs. the CIA gang
and my money is on the Naval boys.
I love to say that Clinton was a Bush man, all the way…
Hillary obviously stinks of unbathed, bloody witchcraft.
There are no journalists, because it earns you death to reveal
all the evils which need revealing! So you get the Metro-sexual
talking head faggots speaking boldly as if they actually had a mind.

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20 10 2018

if you are a REAL journo you get hacked up alive and put into diplomatic pouches!
How poetic for the end of the world days ….

I will archive the blog post, maybe it can viewed easier ….

alt. lnk to the video (not YouTube version) –


20 10 2018


16 11 2018

Jack, you know more subjects than a PhD!
Churchill – I read that early on he was trying to find ways to get the US into the war.


17 11 2018

yeah, I can’t find the old post …. but I like this

with idiotic WWI “commemoration” (celebration) last week it brought to mind the constant lies about that unnecessary war … the war-to-line-Rothschild’s-pockets.

and VT has this –


20 10 2018
Jack Schick

All the mental manipulation stops when, not “if”, but when the
power grid goes down,
well shaken AND stirred, with no vermouth, sorry meestah Bond.
And the Cooling Pools stop circulating coolant,
because the grid is down, and the backups expired,
So, there are folks promoting Trump’s success as God’s Plan.
The radioactive regime seems to be in the prophetic cards.
When, not if, our SHTF locally, it is Palo Verde that will kill AZ and
downwind NM, also downwind from San Onofre, and who knows
how many secret military reactors stand at all the bases?
All of them reliant upon cooling pumps for survival, endless electricity
required. the water is scarce at Palo Verde.
Good Quakes can disrupt the whole water table, cut off wells,
break connecting pipes, so that the melt-downs can COOK UP!
It is UNMENTIONABLE yes, that this is prophesied.
Judah and Edom. Jeremiah 9
Death came in our windows.Who has the Wisdom to understand?
It is scary to have to defend white folks from all politically-correct
enemies. We are propagandized to need an Enemy in Russia.
Predominantly Christian Russia set up as our designated enemy,
by our overlord Coca-Cola and Cigarette salesmen.
Chernobyl is named after the Wormwood trees on the Pripyat River.
Jeremiah 9:15

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20 10 2018

… and how many experimental reactors are sitting in the middle of university campuses coast to coast?
And medical lab rad material factories everywhere, Honeywell etc. …
AND how did all Americans forget that when there’s a nuke plant problem everyone around has to evacuate miles away from it … pronto?
Zero public discussion of the issue in impossible-to-evacuate states hit by the east coast hurricanes recently.

If it’s not in an ad during the demonic Superbowl I guess the American population doesn’t know about it.


16 11 2018

Veterans Today: Hitler Was Right – Germany Was Stabbed In The Back


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