California Fires – counteract the unavoidable radiation (from the contaminated Rocketdyne site) – by Leuren Moret

14 11 2018

As we just reported in our post, Big California fire, the Woolsey fire, is engulfing the old rad-contaminated Rocketdyne facility, the fires are sweeping radiated dust and rust into the smoke.

Here is good advice from nuclear expert, Dr. Leuren Moret


1. BAKING SODA AND LAETRILE:  Drink one teaspoon of baking soda in water each morning, and eat an apple seed.  The baking soda will increase the pH in the body to pH 7 and higher, causing a basic environment that cancer cannot develop in.  This treatment will also kill cancer in patients who already have it – ie, its a cure.  This is the recommendation of Dr. Warburg, from the famous German banking family, who won the Nobel Prize in the 1930’s for discovering the cause of cancer.  It’s as simple as avoiding an acid body (below a pH of 7), and maintaining a basic environment in the body (ie, it’s about electrons).  The apple seed contains laetril (vitamin B-17), an anti-cancer agent. The entire US is now so contaminated with radiation that people should make this a permanent morning habit for the rest of their lives.  It’s a lot cheaper than getting cancer!

2. MACROBIOTIC DIET:  Japanese on macrobiotic diets in Japan after Fukushima were found to not get cancer, while Japanese in contact with western diets and processed food quickly developed cancer and died.  A medical doctor in Japan put his family, employees, and friends on macrobiotic diets immediately after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and none of them got cancer.  It took me a long time to understand that we are what we eat.  The American diet and food quality has been deliberately changed over the past 25 years to decrease or remove many essential nutrients that we cannot live without.  Iodine for instance, has been decreased by at least 80% in the past 25 years.  The Iodine is not just for the thyroid gland in the neck, it is in every cell of our bodies.  By putting 10% povidone Iodine on the skin (belly, inner arm area, face, throat etc.) every day, the body becomes saturated with non-radioactive Iodine that the body will select over radioactive Iodine and helps to avoid introduction of radiation into body processes that involve Iodine.  

In the Baby Teeth Study that I participated in with Dr. Ernest Sternglass and Dr. Jay Gould, we discovered that radioactive strontium levels were detected in baby teeth, and entered the body from contaminated milk that contained radioactive Strontium and Calcium.  When the Calcium was under saturated in the body of the baby, the body took up Calcium AND a chemically similar element – radioactive Strontium – to satisfy the baby’s need for Calcium. 

When we studied Mexican children, they had almost no radioactive Strontium in their teeth.  When we looked at their dietary preferences, we discovered a very high intake of dried corn (hominy), that was prepared by soaking the corn for 6 hrs. in slaked lime (calcium hydroxide).  This saturated the corn and cooking water with Calcium, and prevented the uptake of radioactive Strontium if it was present.  So here is another example of over saturating the body with non-radioactive essential elements like Iodine and Calcium to avoid uptake of radioactive isotopes that substitute for other essential elements.  Dried grains, pulses, and other food sources actually provide more Calcium in the diet than milk, so there is no need to depend on milk for children to get Calcium.

4. REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM:  The only filtration process that removes all radioactive isotopes (and chemicals like Fluoride) from drinking water is the reverse osmosis water filtration system.  It also removes minerals, but they can be added back into the water, or a good diet will provide the right minerals.  The filtration system can be bought online, and installed in the kitchen under the sink.  We could feel an improved brain function within 4 hours of drinking our first glasses of the newly filtered water.  Here is information on website, describing installation and benefits of the reverse osmosis process for drinking water:  
“HOW TO AVOID RADIATION: Reverse Osmosis Filtration And Avoiding Dairy Products” 
These recommendations should be permanently utilized daily because many radioactive isotopes have much longer half lives (Uranium 2.5 billion years) than our lifetimes, and they are not going to go away in our over contaminated environment.   




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14 11 2018

L.M. says it’s ok to chew the apple seeds ….


15 11 2018
Simple Ways to Protect Yourself From Cali Radiation From Wild Fires | YoNews #AlternativeNews #news

[…] “look a likes” for stuff that is good and the body needs.   One article Strontium 90 is one of the worst, it gives you bone, blood, liver cancer.    It […]

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17 11 2018

this suggestion was sent in to L.M.’s newsletter list –

“The following detox suggestions, won’t stop the rads but anything you can throw at your body to support it is much better than taking no action at this point. Rome is burning.”

1) Organic Mushroom Complex for Immune Support – Mushrooms are one of the most powerful immune support foods one can use. They are also highly radio protective. Do your research for products you like. Make sure they are organic mushrooms grown in the USA (not China!).
Dose Suggestions: Use every day.
Product Suggestions: Immune Assist by Aloha Medicinals. Or, Stamets 7 by Host Defense Mushrooms.
2) Iodine / Lugol’s Formula 2% – Wide spectrum health benefits. Powerful antibiotic. Anti-carcinogenic. Highly beneficial for removing radioactive particulate. Most fears regarding iodine use are myths. Do your research. Look into the fabulous work of Dr. Brownstein. Nascent Iodine is excellent as well, but most clinical success by Dr. Brownstein was with the Lugol’s Formula.
Dose Suggestions: Can be used every day, however, follow protocols given by Dr. Mark Sircus or Dr. Brownstein. There is a protocol for bringing the body back into iodine sufficiency for about 6 months, then backing the dose down to a maintenance level. Again, do your research.
Product Suggestions: There are many companies offering quality Lugol’s Formula Iodine or Iodoral in tablets.
3) Astaxanthin – One of the best and most powerful antioxidants one can use. More powerful than vitamin C.
Dose Suggestions: Use every day.
Product Suggestions: BioAstin Supreme by Nutrex. There are other good products as well.
4) Vitamin C Powder Organic (Not synthetic ascorbic acid!) – Immune support, antioxidant, protection from chemicals and radioactivity. Too many benefits to even list. Remember, white powder vitamin C is not vitamin C. It is a mass produced chemical from China called “ascorbic acid.” Even liposomal vitamin C products will use the synthetic version inside the delivery system. Dont be fooled. Get products that made from organic powders such as camu camu, rose hips, or other super high vitamin C fruits and veges.
Dose Suggestions: Use every day.
Product Suggestions: Pure Synergy company makes some of the finest products on the planet.
5) Terramin Clay (Calcium Montmorrilonite) – Wide spectrum ionic mineral supplement. Fantastic for mineralizing the body, removing pathogens, heavy metals and radioactive particulate. Animals in the wild will travel for miles to find deposits of calcium montmorrilonite clay!
Dose Suggestions: Use every day.
Product Suggestions: Terramin Clay is available online from many sources.
6) Chlorella – Wide spectrum health benefits, removes heavy metals, radio-protective. Many people prefer chlorella over spirulina. They are both excellent, but I find chlorella easier to digest and in Chinese Medicine, spirulina is considered to be a “cold” food, whereas chlorella is not.
Dose Suggestions: Use every day.
Product Suggestions: There are many excellent sources. I prefer the “raw” and “organic” chlorella powder. However, there are other excellent sources and they come in tablets.
7) Spirulina – Wide spectrum health benefits, removes heavy metals, radio-protective. One of the most nutritious foods on the planet with super high protein levels.
Dose Suggestions: Use every day. Mix in salads or drink with juice or smoothies.
Product Suggestions: Nutrex makes a very high quality product.
8) Wheat Grass Juice or Organic Dried Wheatgrass Juice Powder – Wide spectrum health benefits, removes heavy metals, radio-protective.
Dose Suggestions: Use every day.
Product Suggestions: 100% Organic Young Wheat Grass Juice Powder by Garden of Life.
9) Organic Sulfur Crystals – Also known as MSM. – Many MSM products are low quality, made in China. Get only the organic sulfur crystals. And do not confused MSM, which is sulfur for MMS which are the initials for Master Mineral Supplement. Wide spectrum benefits, incredible testimonials from people who use it. A powerful pathogen neutralizer/remover. It is said to have the capacity to neutralize and remove radioactive materials from the body.
Dose Suggestions: Use every day or as desired.
Product Suggestions: Best sulfur crystals:
10) Fulvic and Humic Minerals – Absolutely one of the best sources of bioavailable minerals for getting the body properly mineralized. Can be used in addition to the Terramin Clay mentioned above. Wide spectrum health benefits. When the body is properly and deeply mineralized it is harder for radioactive elements to find a place to lodge in the body.
Dose Suggestions: Use every day.
Product Suggestions: Fulvic and Humic Concentrate / The Gift by Mother Earth Labs. Professional Strength Fulvic Liquid Minerals Super Concentrate by Mother Earth Labs.
There are other good products as well.


17 11 2018
18 11 2018

on carbon monoxide levels in CA –

he is using the null school site –


22 11 2018

Carbon monoxide from California wildfires reaches skies over Texas, New York and Canada, JPL reports


19 11 2018

Here’s Kevin Blanch


20 11 2018

doctors studying every type of pollution except rads –

Fine particles from wildfire smoke can hurt your body in ways you never dreamed of


20 11 2018

California wildfire smoke has now made it all the way to New York City


22 11 2018

extra “stuff” in the air ….
more from Leuren Moret –

Explosion at Idaho hazardous waste site kills 1, injures 3

a comment she got –
“The company takes in contaminants such as arsenic, lead, zinc, cadmium and other metals that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has deemed hazardous and converts them to non-hazardous residues, minimizing the long-term risks of disposal.”

reply from Leuren Moret: “These “accidents” are too frequent, too often minimized and brushed off by officials, too toxic – combinations of toxins have a huge multiplier effect, and they are getting more frequent and more toxic – the doses are outrageous. Just look at the NOAA MAP OF CA AND HOW IT IS SO OBVIOUS THE RADIOACTIVE SMOKE IS BEING HELD OVER THE POPULATED AREAS TO EXPOSE THE PUBLIC TO HUGE DOSES. Just like I concluded with radiation finally – this is all completely deliberate with a very clear outcome. In fact they take air samples the whole time it is happening, and then analyze the doses received, so that they can do another “accident” event or many – until the public has reached the desired dose – that they already know will have a certain outcome in death rates.”

This map
confirms that wildfires in the US – causing low oxygen levels in the wildfire smoke and atmosphere, and higher carbon monoxide levels – my be the cause of widespread blood thinning in pregnant women and mothers giving birth. Thinning of blood in the mothers is causing unusual hemorrhaging leading to the 5th highest death rates in mothers in the world, with the exception of 5 third world countries. Not only are the mothers dying, this has resulted in many deaths of newborns within 24 hours of birth. High levels of radiation reported in the wildfire smoke, and toxins as well, have been reported to be very high. [See Sputnik story below – determining that toxicity of recent California wildfire smoke is 60 times higher than International standards.]

Sputnik: ‘Insane:’ California Air Pollution Reaches 60x World Health Standards

Rad levels in the S.F. Bay area are very high this week – this gamma count is from Bob:

SF Numbers as of sat midnight 11/17
24,572,532.39925472 cpm [OVER 24 Million Counts Per Minute]
That a bunch.

According to a Monday report by Bloomberg, particulates in the air in California were as high as 1,500 micrograms per cubic meter following the Camp and Woolsey wildfires.

Below is a selection of stories and video clips, mostly of the Camp fire, but some are of Malibu. They are a selection of aerial footage, air quality, lost pets, fire scenes, UN agenda 21, death toll and missing, massive smoke cloud 6 1/2 hrs after fire started Nov. 8 at 6:30 AM in Paradise, Butte Co.

STORIES/Vids ON CAMP FIRE – Source: LiveLeak
Emotional moment owner is reunited with cat after devastating Camp Fire (Vid.)

Camp Fire FEMA Camps Walmart UN Agenda 21 Norovirus DHS Shutting Down Border

EXCLUSIVE: Anomalies In California Wildfire Support Globalist Agenda

Camp Fire Aerial Footage from California National Guard

Displaced pets reunited with owners after devastating Camp Fire

747 Tanker, Paradise Fire, Juan Brown Vid

California fire death toll rises to 50

Number of missing people in California wildfires doubles to over 630

MALIBU: Thousands of animals rescued from California wildfires

Air quality in Sacramento worsens as Camp Fire smoke blows south

Massive smoke cloud engulfs Northern California sky as Camp Fire devastates city


23 11 2018


30 11 2018

This video has health advice too, for 5G effects etc.
starts 6:30 min. mark ….


2 12 2018
1 02 2019

Dr. Blaylock MD – How To Protect Yourself From Nuclear Industry Created Artificial Man Made Radioactive Heavy Metal Poisons And Ionizing Radiation Contamination Of Foods, Drinks, Environment


6 07 2019

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