NEW! Release #2 from darkoverlord 9-11 papers hack.

5 01 2019 has a new file available today. 

watch this space – we are adding files as we go. Updates are also going on this post.

You will need to get familiar with this word – Subrogation
“The substitution of one person in the place of another with reference to a lawful claim, demand, or right, so that he or she who is substituted succeeds to the rights of the other in relation to the debt or claim, and its rights, remedies, or Securities.

There are two types of subrogation: legal and conventional. Legal subrogation arises by operation of law, whereas conventional subrogation is a result of a contract.”   (more) Law Dictionary –


This folder is really big. Only a fraction done so far. We uploaded them as PDFs (not done yet) –

See them here

Mostly these are depositions from airline screeners – some nuggets –

On # 00017648 we get a peek at politix – Law firm, Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin paid Sen. Bob Dole 744k broken up into 12 payoffs. For what? His big brain?
Doc # 0001768 tells what “work” he did. Probably unpaid intern did the “work” (opinion) . . .


X-Sen. Bob Dole is such a grifter! 

Doc. # 00027815 letter from Warden Triplett Grier – they say wouldn’t it be great
if funds from Treasury set aside for Terrorism Victim’s Access to Compensation Act of 2002
could get accessed by insurance co.s as well as victims.

Doc. # 00022551 tells about Silverstein insurance claim

# 00030380 says Saudi Arabia is off limits and victims who might sue SA are called “crackpots”.


UPDATES will get added onto this post. File uploads will get added to the link above.



For earlier articles scroll down (all are in Jan.)



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5 01 2019

files are transcripts of them.
Someone who has special software can open PTX files and maybe put them on YouTube.

011807~2 has Mohamed Atta at bag check info.
It seem these law firms have airport screening
camera still photos from 9-11 they show the
screener they are interviewing the photos.

The text files are airport security people being deposed.


5 01 2019

# 00016873 is really good –

Click to access 00016873.pdf


5 01 2019

I thin this is raw WNBC footage – this channel has more clips –


6 01 2019


7 01 2019

A list of big shot lobbyists used by airlines etc. to deflect liability –
Doc. # 00025077, 00025565, 00026526


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