Another witchy e-mail from Hillary – Does she think she’s Minerva?

15 01 2019

–  We found this very interesting post on – “QAnon has repeatedly said “Follow the wives”, and this obit mentions the women’s arm of AHEPA, the Daughters of Penelope. Could this have anything to do with that mysterious Hillary email that mentioned the “Owl/Minerva Rule”?

It is in reference to THIS e-mail, #5680 an answer to this one, #6629, from Jake Sullivan.


Now, let’s check out Minerva, so eloquently chronicled by Ovid in book 6 of Metamorphosis.

The vain and cruel Minerva is beaten in a weaving challenge by the more artful and innocent Arachne – sending Minerva into a rage.

“Live; but depend, vile wretch, the Goddess cry’d, 
Doom’d in suspence for ever to be ty’d; 
That all your race, to utmost date of time, 
May feel the vengeance, and detest the crime.” 

. . . and then she turns Arachne into a spider to forever weave but be shunned for her horrid looks.


The OWL/MINERVA RULE is a reference to philosophy What Is “The Owl of Minerva”?

“. . .Hegel stated: “The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk,” meaning that philosophy comes to understand a historical condition just as it passes away.

. . . they were joking about destroying Libya in the e-mail exchange. Even referencing Hegel, Hillary cannot help but put on a pointy hat and smugly pronounce a death sentence on a country.

Let’s not forget –
Nearly $6 Billion Belonging To Dead Libyan Dictator Gaddafi Has Gone Missing

 Back to witchcraft, pedophiles and the State Department

A good deal MORE – from The Great Sea blog –

What Is The Owl/Minerva Rule? Wikileaks; Trump; Clinton; Libyan Civil War; Anti-US EU-Centric #Pizzagate New World Order!


Earlier post – Tracing the “Chicken Sacrifice” Hillary E-Mail – where the infamous Moloch missive was traced to sadistic US Ambassador Lew Amselem.

Posts here on Libya  |  Posts from CFGate



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15 01 2019

from The Great Sea article –
“So, what was Jacob J. Sullivan’s qualms with the last paragraph of this seminal Clinton email, an email which was the last internal communication required to cement the official Whitehouse position for Obama and Clinton regarding the 2011 NATO/CIA regime change operation taking place in Libya? Why did this pretty innocuous sounding last paragraph require Hillary’s opinion on whether it violated something formally known as the ‘Owl/Minerva Rule’? The answer is, that the globalist controlled *Minervian Powers* – as explained in the excerpt below – are now highly concerned about the spread of the concept of *self determination of populations*; specifically the desirability for populations to *choose their own leaders*. This means a truly democratic public choice of a candidate offering election mandates which might be counter to globalist policies such as the Kyoto Protocol and Multilateral Trade Organizations like the TPP-TTIP-TISA, can not be tolerated by Fascist Global Socialist Technocracy! This is the true nature of European Federalism, and as Nigel Farage made clear over twenty years in the E.U. Parliamentary Chamber, the system of governance that the bureaucrats in the European Union have been slowly constructing, is entirely *un-democratic*, and fascistic.”


15 01 2019

. . . . The ‘Owl/Minervan Rule’ is a globalist convention dictating that their puppets, like Obama and Clinton in the United States, are to craft their official statements and policies solely according to global institutions, *not* for the interests of the populations they represent.


15 01 2019
Jack Schick

Ba’al worship, denial of the Truth of the Most High.
Sexual disruption of natural roles, nurture, confusion.
Pushing for Crimes against Neighbors, because you can
“get away with it”.
Use of political power to accomplish crimes.
False Accusations against righteous men on their own territory.
Use of OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT SEALS to falsely accuse,
Steal property, and murder men under False Authority.
Suffering her appointed Fate, which She Spoke Herself,
in False accusation against another Good Man, Elijah.
The OWL is a secret society symbol, those who operate by Night.
Hillary is Jezebel.


15 01 2019

SHE (as in the movie) thinks she’s Minerva — the HAG witch of cruelty! FIEND! WITCH!


15 01 2019
Jack Schick

Hillary bully-ragged Janet Reno to murder the Waco
Christians, the women and kids hiding underground
were intentionally murdered. Not a One of you guys
who was there is worth anything! Hostage Rescue Team?
Career BadAss CRIMINAL. You were all probably
memory-wiped, able to go cheerfully to your next
satanic “law-enforcement” murder, oblivious to your evil.


15 01 2019

Do not forget – those ATF guys may have been “offed” on that rooftop for a reason ….


15 01 2019

The Ceremony of Minerval and First Degree, by Aleister Crowley


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