2020 Election Watch – Fraud, Bernie Sanders Set to Run

28 01 2019

Bernie Sanders set to announce 2020 presidential run

This FRAUD ran an entirely fake campaign in 2016 and won the DNC nomination and unethically ceded the win to Hillary in a pre-planned scheme.

Earlier post – Was Bernie Campaign a Fake? Run by Hillary?

LINK – https://youtu.be/XNE_cjSFCXU

We copied this text in case the video disappears:

4:09 min. mark (transcript)

… after he’s basically booed off stage what
happened next is the mind-blowing part.
You had Jane Sanders, Bernie’s wife, walk
up to the podium and say something to him
that was caught on the hot mic.
Check this out –

[Jane Sanders] – “they don’t know your name is being put
in nomination … and that’s the concern here.”

– – – See they’ve tried to push the idea that
Hillary is the presumptive nominee for
weeks now and Bernie has jumped right
along onto that bus. Even at this moment
when he’s up there addressing all of
these supporters who have believed in
him – – he’s not telling them that his name
will be on the nomination. He’s still
going to be… it’s not going to just be a
piece of paper with a box on it that
says, “Hillary Clinton – check here”.

That’s not actually what’s going on. He knows it
and he’s standing up there telling them
to vote for Hillary and not telling
anyone anything. He’s not addressing
WikiLeaks and he’s not telling them that
his name is going to be put in nomination.
This to me is blatant, obvious proof of his
complicity in this whole thing since the beginning.

Is Hillary behind it all AGAIN???

NY Post: Hillary Clinton still considering 2020 presidential run

It looks like she’s more than “considering”. This weekendHAITI 2.0-> Clintons Travel to Puerto Rico to ‘Assist’ with Hurricane Recovery Efforts – Accuse Trump of Blocking Funds (VIDEO)



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