Very big news on the Epstein pedo scandal – many Hollywood names connected

12 03 2019

We posted this news, New Dig! Kit Laybourne — Why is this childrens animation producer on the Epstein flight manifest? ,  on our Epstein page (5) but we see it has huge traffic on

Here is the GIANT STORY

a small bit from the post –

Kit Laybourne is a TV producer and educator. Laybourne was an executive producer of animation, documentary and interactive shows at Oxygen Network a company co-founded by his wife Geraldine and Oprah Winfrey. His major production credits include Eureeka’s Castle and Gullah Gullah Island for Nickelodeon, Liquid Television for MTV, Braingames for HBO, and Media Probes for PBS. Most recently, he became Chief Creative Officer for The Whistle, a media company focusing on sports for kids.

Kit’s community service has included Board positions with Earth Vision Trust and The Bank Street College of Education. He was on an Education Advisory Group with the Cooper-Hewett Museum and has been an Advisor to The Opportunity Agenda, an organization building the national will to expand opportunity in America. Kit and his wife, Geraldine Laybourne, are long time supporters of the Bard High School & Early College program in Newark, Queens and Manhattan.

Laybourne is married to Geraldine Bond, founder of Nickelodeon, who “led the team that created Nickelodeon in the 1980s and ’90s and co-founded Oxygen Media.” We have piles of material showing Nickelodeon is basically a pedophile watering hole.

Geraldine was also on Epstein’s flight manifest (see vid at 6:44). Here’s the page from the flight manifest, which shows they went from JFK to MRY — which is the Monterey Regional Airport in California. . . .  (more)



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12 03 2019

another GIANT story – from Nuke-Pro –
A 9 Point Strike Plan Against Pedophilia, Child Trafficking, and Worse


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